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  1. R1D5 Today was a lot of leftovers. I had my last chia pudding for breakfast before church. After church we headed to Whole Foods to buy some items I couldn't find for my Walmart order. Last night I watched Food Inc and will never buy my meat from a regular store again. It was pricier but I am permanently scarred for life after watching the camera footage of the "kill floor". Lunch was the last of my chili and dinner was sloppy joe leftovers on a baked potato. I've hit that point where things are starting to taste different. I never thought I would say an apple is "to sweet". Week 2
  2. R1D3 and D4 This is a double update! So far I haven't gotten the dreaded "hangover". I had a headache when I got up this morning but it was easily resolved with Excedrin and a cup of black coffee. I have been very thirsty so I've increased my water intake. I'm wondering if my increase use of salt in cooking may be holding off the hangover. Yesterday I had my chia pudding for was delicious. I'm making an effort to try new things and I'm glad I did with this. All it is is chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, banana, and raspberries! Had the last of my sp
  3. R1D2 Today was my first day back from work since the holidays. I packed my breakfast and lunch to take with me. I noticed when i got to work I had a little bit of irritability, I was quite cross that the lights in the building were off...spoiler alert...they are always off. For some reason today it made me upset. Had my coffee black but added a little knob of ghee to it. Had my same spicy chicken for lunch. By the end of the day I was getting super tired and my joints hurt. I have a history of Lyme's so the joint thing, not surprising. One of my goals for this was to decrease my inflammat
  4. R1D1 I decided to weigh myself this morning before putting up my scale for the next 30 days. SW: 200 For breakfast I had my apple and chicken sausage with brussel sprouts that I had prepped yesterday. It was really good. My cat stole half of one of my sausages but I was getting full anyway. I'm used to eating one link, so two was almost to much with the sprouts. I drank my coffee black. When I woke up I immediately started getting moody about my lack of creamer but didn't want to get out my immersion blender because my kitchen was still in shambles from prepping and my kids NYE
  5. It's almost here!!! Starting my 1st round of W30 on January 1st with a coworker! I've been researching and preparing. I have 4 weeks of meals all planned out including grocery lists. Can't wait to get rid of my sugar cravings and to see if eliminating some of these things will help with my inflammation. I'm 44 years old with 3 almost grown teenage girls. One is in college, one is a senior, and the other a junior! Stress is a constant in my life but I am working on it.
  6. I'm going to push myself to keep this updated. I'm notorious for starting journals and then forgetting about them. A co-worker and I are starting a round of Whole30 together on January 1st, this is round 1 for me and 2 for her. I remember this time last year she was just finishing her 1st round and had tried to talk me into doing it with her. I had 100 excuses why I couldn't. I've officially gotten to the point where I have to "re-parent my inner child". My IC loves ice cream and cakes, especially when they are good because they were raised with food as a reward. Now I have to t