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  1. lizziehall

    Very Hungry Mommy W30 Round 2

    I’m happy to see you’re restarting right now! I also have been going haywire with my eating during this stressful time. I hate to blame anything external for my personal choices but with school getting cancelled, my (school) apartment lease getting terminated and moving back home, the cancellation of my graduation ceremony, fear about the economy and finding a job etc I have been using food as a coping mechanism lately. I’m sorry to hear about the stressful situation that you dealt with regarding your family, I can’t imagine the frustration and sadness you’re feeling right now. But look at you getting right back into your healthy habits, way to take control and not let this get you completely off track! I’ll be restarting on April 13 for the worldwide Whole30, but right now I’m back to cooking almost every meal Whole30 which will hopefully make this round easy. I’ve noticed it’s kind of like getting back on a bike, it does come back pretty naturally. I hope you & your family are staying healthy and enjoying the quality time together. I look forward to going through this round with you!
  2. lizziehall

    Birdie's 1st WHOLE 30 - MARCH 16-20

    I’d love to hear your opinion about doing this during quarantine! I am highly considering joining the worldwide Whole30 on April 13 but I have to say I am super nervous. My biggest two fears are (1) the grocery stores will not have exactly what I want and will throw me off plan and (2) I’ve had such high anxiety levels that adding a Whole30 might make a bad situation even more stressful. Do you have any input as far as your experience with these? It looks like you’ve been doing great!! You’ve knocked out the hardest part!!
  3. lizziehall

    Pandemic Induced First Whole 30

    @Irock I bet you’ll find switching from Keto to Whole30 isn’t super tough! My boyfriend is Keto and most of my Food Freedom meals have been the same as his, with modifications for dairy mostly. I think getting enough healthy fats on Whole30 is a huge factor in staying full and avoiding the mindless snacking so don’t ditch all your Keto habits
  4. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    I went grocery shopping and meal prepped today, I’m really excited about the meals I made! The deconstructed stuffed peppers are SO good, I never liked cauliflower rice but it is delicious in this. I substituted chicken for beef and added a lot of red pepper flakes to give it some extra flavor. I love the sweet potato hash as well but I aways think there should be more sweet potato. Next time I’ll use two sweet potatoes instead of one. @BabyBear thanks for the suggestions, I’ll give them a follow!
  5. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    I’ve decided to do another Whole18 (for the very shallow reason that I’m going to Miami for spring break and want to look & feel my best). I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too bad as I’ve maintained ~80% compliant over my last 30 days of food freedom. I’ve got my grocery list all made up for tomorrow and a plan for some meal prep success. I’ll be focusing on getting enough veggies and limiting fruits this round as my sugar cravings have been coming back recently. Here’s my meal preps to get me through Wednesday: Sticky asian sauce on sauteed chicken, the recipe for the sauce is above & I can’t get enough of it Sweet potato hash with bacon and onions that I LOVE, this time with spinach Deconstructed stuffed peppers (this is a new recipe I’m excited for from Mary’s Whole Life) I’ll also pick up applegate hot dogs and already have some cauliflower gnocchi, kale, eggs, chicken burgers and chicken sausage. Veggies for these meals will be peppers, cauliflower rice, sauteed spinach and sauteed kale. Please let me know if you have any easy veggies that you love as sides, or even main courses! Also, if anyone has any great Whole30 bloggers please drop their names or links, I love Mary’s Whole Life, JustJessieB and Ambitious Kitchen but could always use more!
  6. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    @BabyBear Everything is going really well! You’re right, school is in full swing right now which means reading Food Freedom Forever has moved down on my priorities list, but I’ve been doing well nonetheless. School has much more of a routine than break, which I find very helpful. I’ll meal prep once a week and just figure out a few meals as I go. I haven’t tried anything new this week so I’ll have to do that soon. It’s difficult to wrap these past weeks up succinctly so I’ll share my highlight and lowlight like I did as a kid at the dinner table Highlight: I’ve gotten into a more consistent gym routine and getting a lot more work in before getting tired/going home. I ran 2.5 miles recently which I haven’t done since high school sports! I’ve also wandered into the lifting area which I never would have done before, but now I’m much more confident about my health journey and the idea of beginning somewhere. Lowlight: (I’d call it a bigger challenge rather than low, though) I’ve been navigating starting a new relationship throughout the past month and it is so tough!! Most dates center around food and drinks so I had to get creative at first. It took me a few weeks to even tell him about my diet/lifestyle but he was really open to it! He’s doing Keto so I think he understands how much diet affects how I feel. We’re spending Saturday cooking together, which I think will be so fun! Still, though, I feel “difficult” pretty often. I’ve been following along your Food Freedom Log and your ability to make level headed decisions is admirable. You’ve made incredible progress AND you’re teaching your children that they can enjoy healthy options. I wish I knew that earlier! Keep doing great, and thanks again for checking in!
  7. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    @Terra Milliken They turned out ok. I’m a huge fan of the asian style sauce from the meatballs but found the actual meatballs dry. Here’s the recipe though, the sauce would be amazing on chicken!
  8. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    Just thought I’d post a little update to keep myself accountable. I’ve been doing really well since my one day of “eat whatever you want you’re done!!” at the superbowl. I’ve definitely had a few little things that aren’t within my new diet “rules” (soy sauce, added sugars in restaurant food, a stray fry or two at work) but nothing that has derailed me or made me feel guilty. Finding this balance is a huge step for me and I’m so happy to be comfortable with my choices. I’ve noticed that although I’m allowing non-gluten grains in my diet, I haven’t been reaching for them very much. I’ve had sushi and I added rice to one of my dinners this week, but overall I’m not going crazy with them. This makes me feel really good about my relationship with them, I was worried I would depend on them as a comfort food. One huge thing I’ve realized is the reason I still find it easy to eat Whole30 is because I have been cooking way more. I find Whole30 recipes to be just as satisfying as “regular” recipes, and not too much more work. It’s just that the frequency of cooking has gone up, but I’m used to that now & even look forward to it. One of my favorite NSVs is that I’ve learned to cook and enjoy it! This week I made thai style coconut curry meatballs and they were so good. I look forward to making butternut squash soup and some asian style meatballs after I go shopping this afternoon. I’ll update again soon and include those recipes if they turn out as good as they look
  9. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    I reintroduced legumes yesterday by adding beans to my breakfast and having hummus with carrots as a snack. I also had miso (soy) soup with my dinner as a side. My gut reacted HORRIBLY which really shocked me! I always thought of legumes as being heathy and lived off hummus before this Whole30 but jeez... that gas was not healthy. I’ve decided not to reintroduce dairy or gluten at all as I know how awful they make me feel and I’m not interested in any more unhealthy belly days. That being said, I think my overall diet from here will be Whole30 but including nongluten grains, and alcohol one or two nights a week. I’m excited to have rice/oats back in my diet! I’ll allow myself exceptions eventually but I want to read Melissa’s Food Freedom book first. I’ll continue to log any struggles or successes but in an effort to make this more of a lifestyle than a Whole30 I’ll chill on my updates. Good luck to everyone, and again thank you to everyone who reached out and made this a great whole30!
  10. lizziehall

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Wow you look amazing!! Such a noticeable difference, and in only a month! These results along with all of those NSVs you listed are insane. Way to go!
  11. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    I messed up yesterday I let myself pick at all the superbowl fried foods, wings, french fries, onion rings etc. Oh my goodness do I regret that!!! I don’t know if it’s a coincidence (my family did have a bug earlier this week) but I immediately felt like complete crap. I felt like I needed to throw up all night long, didn’t sleep for more than an hour straight because of the pain & the overheating and topped it all off with throwing up this morning. If this is all from eating junk food it is SO not worth it. Like I said in my last reply, I’m thinking about starting again with a Whole30 or Whole15 to really figure out my relationship with these foods and get myself back on track for a proper reintro. I don’t know why it was so hard for me to say no to everything, but I think after this experience it will definitely get a little easier.
  12. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    @BabyBear I’m impressed, I’m really struggling with making responsible, “is it worth it?” choices. Thinking about starting another Whole30/Whole15 shortly as I need some more practice in the self-control and food dependency areas. I was doing so well on the program but I guess I put too much pressure on Day 30 as being the end.
  13. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    Today is day 33 so I wanted to log my nongluten grains from 2 days ago. I have to admit, I was really excited to add these back. breakfast: plain oatmeal with a bit of almond butter, matcha latte with oat milk lunch: Italian wedding style soup leftovers snack: plain popcorn with franks red hot dinner: sushi (tuna roll, alaska roll with salmon avo & cucumbers) salad with ginger and lemon I haven’t noticed any major changes when I reintro’d these foods. I got hungry quickly after breakfast because I didn’t get any veggies or protein so I ate lunch early and had to have a snack before dinner. I also learned I need to stay away from popcorn, it was so hard to pump the breaks once I had started eating it! Now I’m going back to whole30 until I do a legumes reintro, I think I’ll do it either tomorrow or the next day as I don’t have much to recover from with the grains reintro. I’m finding these days on whole30 harder than the actual 30 days because it’s so easy to say “ok its over!” and want to splurge. But I know I would regret it so here I am eating eggs and veggies for breakfast.
  14. lizziehall

    Amy's Log for 2020

    I was doing intermittent fasting right before this whole30 as well! I didn’t see any results after a few weeks eating from 12-6 but I think it helped me create healthier habits (like not eating right before bed). As long as I eat a dinner that fits the guidelines on Whole30 I’ve found I naturally don’t eat after dinner anyway. Good luck with everything it seems like you’re doing great!
  15. lizziehall

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Will you continue to log your reintro on here? I’m thinking I’ll continue with mine & I’d love to follow along your reintro experience!