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    Day 10

    So we've only made it a third of the way through, but I have to brag on my husband. He was reluctant to do this with me in the first place, but is now more determined than I am to finish this and keep eating clean after! I've been logging my food intake as part of my weight loss plan for months now, so this wasn't a huge eating change for me (cutting out beans, dairy and grains were the biggest ones). Hubby- not so much. When we actually tracked his normal food intake the week before we started Whole 30 and compared it to what he eats now he was shocked! He has cut more than 3,000 calories, 500 g of sugar, 600 g of carbs, 80 g of fat and 3,000 mg of sodium PER DAY!!! He's already wearing shirts that are one size smaller and had to start wearing a belt! We saved $100 last week just from him packing his lunch/snacks instead of eating out of the vending machines at work and stopping for fast food on his way home! He sleeps even deeper than he did before, is in a better mood and has better focus at work! Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous. lol. All I've noticed so far is a change in my bathroom habits and an aversion to anything that smells sweet. When I was in the grocery store this weekend the bakery had something in the ovens and it made me nauseous.
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    peanut butter and jelly is all they want

    We're on day 10 as a family. I haven't been strictly enforcing the rules with the kids though. My 9 year old still gets lunchable type meals for school and both kids had regular hot dogs (no buns) with mac and cheese for lunch this weekend. During the prep phase I didn't get rid of their toaster waffles (no syrup), cereal (with almond milk), string cheese, mac & cheese, sweetened apple sauce, etc. just told them I wasn't buying it again after what we had was gone. I did pick up more yogurt for them with this week's groceries, but we switched from the super sugary kids stuff to one with a lot less sugar. When it comes to dinners and snacks though I've put my foot down, especially on any kind of candy, sweets and other junk food. (They were so hooked on sugar that I caught them eating hot cocoa powder with a spoon!! That DID go in the trash... along with any leftover Halloween/Christmas candy, chips, sugary "granola" bars and gummy snacks.) I refuse to make 2 separate meals every evening, so I've called a weekly family meeting to plan meals that everyone will at least try (compliant sloppy joe filling over potatoes and pulled pork got requests for seconds!). My youngest is 4 though, so I just try to find at least one or two meals that mimic ones I know she'll eat. If either of them don't want to eat what's been made, the alternative is always some fruit/veg with chicken or hard boiled eggs (I keep those prepped for grab-n-go situations). Most times they are hungry enough by dinner that they'll at least try a "no thank you" bite or two. So far there's only been one meal my 4 year old flat out refused to eat and my 9 year old has eaten (and enjoyed) everything!
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    Egg allergy

    Hi all! We are prepping to start our very first Whole 30 as a family, but I'm struggling with breakfasts for my 4 year old. She is allergic to eggs, fish & shellfish and as much as she loves fruit and veg I worry that she'll get really bored of those every morning. Any ideas on how to help her get protein in the mornings?
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    Egg allergy

    Hi Shannon! Yes, she absolutely can! I love the idea of a breakfast hash. She's not big on potatoes, so fingers crossed preparing them this way might make her change her mind! Have you found that re-heating it the next day makes it soggy? I don't have time to cook in the mornings so I would need to make it the night before.