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  1. I was thinking that there had to be added fat to every meal. Like the template says. I am only on Day 3 and still figuring things out. I used Italian chicken meatballs. There were 16 grams of fat in my portion of meatballs. So should I be figuring out how much fat is in my protein and then subtracting it out of the 1-2 thumbs of fat? That will get tricky with different cuts of meat and differences between chicken, pork and beef. Lucky for me I found store-bought meatballs that had the nutritional info on the side. I do not have a very good internal sense of satiety. That is partly why
  2. Hi there, I have been making Whole30 recipes from the slow cooker book, but, just realized that at least this one has no fat. I was hoping that following the recipes would match the template. Do I need to go back and eat fat after my soup to make it compliant? Does anyone have any feedback on this?