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  1. I am on day 9 and already looking into planning the reintroduction phase. Prior to Whole30 I struggled with bloating, gas, abd pain and constipation. On whole30 I struggle with bloating, gas, abd pain and diarrhea. How in the world will I know what my body does not agree with when I am still so uncomfortable? I was originally hoping that the discomforts during the whole30 would subside, but, after reading through this forum there are not guarantees. Many people are still have all of the above symptoms at the end of whole 30. If I reintroduce dairy and have gas, bloating and diary it will
  2. I was thinking that there had to be added fat to every meal. Like the template says. I am only on Day 3 and still figuring things out. I used Italian chicken meatballs. There were 16 grams of fat in my portion of meatballs. So should I be figuring out how much fat is in my protein and then subtracting it out of the 1-2 thumbs of fat? That will get tricky with different cuts of meat and differences between chicken, pork and beef. Lucky for me I found store-bought meatballs that had the nutritional info on the side. I do not have a very good internal sense of satiety. That is partly why
  3. Hi there, I have been making Whole30 recipes from the slow cooker book, but, just realized that at least this one has no fat. I was hoping that following the recipes would match the template. Do I need to go back and eat fat after my soup to make it compliant? Does anyone have any feedback on this?