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    I bought realplans before I tired the whole30 and I am going to cancel. It is supposed to make meal planning easier but it is making it more complicated for me, when using the option 'make more for leftovers' I am finding that I am overbuying, and I am not enjoying the meals. I thought maybe when I added the whole30 plan it would be better, but it isn't. I am going to move to using the cookbooks and meal planning tools. PS I love cookbooks too!
  2. Thank you! Day 4 is even better. day 3 was low grade headache and minimal nauseous feelings. I didn't realize how bad my diet has been!
  3. I stared the whole30 on 1/5. I read the timeline in the whole 30 book and it said days 2 & 3 could feel like hangover days. I thought, how bad can it be? I had no idea. I woke up nauseous, couldn't eat all day, the the thought and smell of the food I made the day before made feel sick to my stomach, my head throbbed and my energy was in the toilet. But I did a little self care and rested a lot. Towards evening I was feeling a little more human so I took my dog for a walk and made my meals for the next day (holding my nose the whole time). But today (day 3) is much better. Small headache, just a little nauseous, and a little more energy. I actually ate some food for lunch and am counting down to day 16 types of feelings! I'm looking forward to using this forum to hear from like minded people, knowing I'm not alone in 'where I'm at', and getting my questions answered as they come along.