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    I bought realplans before I tired the whole30 and I am going to cancel. It is supposed to make meal planning easier but it is making it more complicated for me, when using the option 'make more for leftovers' I am finding that I am overbuying, and I am not enjoying the meals. I thought maybe when I added the whole30 plan it would be better, but it isn't. I am going to move to using the cookbooks and meal planning tools. PS I love cookbooks too!
  2. Thank you! Day 4 is even better. day 3 was low grade headache and minimal nauseous feelings. I didn't realize how bad my diet has been!
  3. I stared the whole30 on 1/5. I read the timeline in the whole 30 book and it said days 2 & 3 could feel like hangover days. I thought, how bad can it be? I had no idea. I woke up nauseous, couldn't eat all day, the the thought and smell of the food I made the day before made feel sick to my stomach, my head throbbed and my energy was in the toilet. But I did a little self care and rested a lot. Towards evening I was feeling a little more human so I took my dog for a walk and made my meals for the next day (holding my nose the whole time). But today (day 3) is much better. Small hea