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  1. You’re a hoot! You may want to ask yourself why you’d avoid a few banana chips once in a while since you really enjoy them. I think I’ll take Mellisa’s own words to heart (which I found after I posed my bafflement) but I do think WHOLEPATRICK is fantastic! To remind you of what Melissa said last year about fruit and dried fruit... “I have a three-part recommendation: first, make a rule that fruit isn’t to be eaten by itself; second, identify a set portion up front that you know both suits your meal planning needs and doesn’t make you feel bad, physically or emotionally, and third, practice min
  2. This baffles me a bit. Dates from stores are allowed. While bananas (even baked) have a higher natural sugar content than dates, if the banana slices were in a container would they be ok instead of a bag? If they were called slices instead of chips would they be compliant? If I’m allowed to slice and bake my own banana slices the only difference is that the “Bare” banana slices cost me more and are called chips. They are ONLY bananas and are baked. Nothing else added. Now if it is a mental part of the program related to bad habits and based in the idea that most people take a bag of anything a