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  1. I had the same problem. I started cooking more with ghee. Helped out a lot.
  2. gattling

    Started on Feb. 4th

    Well, I'm halfway through (today is Day 16), and I thought I add here (for my amusement more than anything) that I had my first "food dream" last night. I was wondering if I was going to have any of those. Hot dinner roll with melted butter. Felt really guilty both in my dream and when I woke up. Took me a good minute or two to realize that [a] I had been dreaming and, no, I do not need to start the W30 over again. Pretty funny.
  3. gattling

    Discovered ghee!

    "Ghee Club" it! I love the idea of flavoring it as well. I can't tell you what a relief it was discovering this. Coconut oil was not agreeing with me, and I was hungry (pun intended) for a replacement.
  4. gattling

    Discovered ghee!

    So, I'm on Day 13 of my W30 experience, and I have to admit, one area which I did not manage well was the home-preparation of specific Paleo-friendly condiments and essential ingredients. For example, I still plan to make a batch of my own Paleo-mayonnaise, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Likewise, I also haven't made my own ghee. I know it's easy, but it's just not something I've had the motivation to tackle. Looking at my new favorite Paleo-recipe website,, I noticed that you can also purchase ghee either through the mail or at a variety of Indian grocery stores. Well, earlier this afternoon at the Kimberton Whole Foods in Downingtown PA (a separate chain from your usual Whole Foods), I discovered the exact brand that Michelle recommends on her site: Pure Indian Foods' organic grass-fed ghee. Delighted, I picked up a jar. Tonight, I used it in Melissa Joulwan's chocolate chili. Fantastic!!! For some reason, coconut oil has not been agreeing with me, but this ghee hit the spot. Looking forward to trying this in future cooking endeavors!
  5. gattling

    Whole30 & Lent

    Sarah -- I'm in the same Catholic boat with you. Tonight, I'm planning on making a sweet potato hash with a side of eggs. The website has a great-looking recipe that I'm going to try:
  6. gattling

    Started on Feb. 4th

    Star -- Still hanging in there...Day 11 and counting! The first week was a little rough, not necessarily because of the cravings, but because I was stressing so much about everything I was eating. It's definitely gotten better in that respect. My GI tract is still a little unsettled, but that's improving. The best part is the fact that I'm definitely noticing physical changes. My clothes are baggier, and I'm fastening my belt one notch inward. I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself, but I did sneak a peak recently (sue me, W30 police!) and was very pleased at what I saw. Feels good to be one-third of the way along, eh? :-)
  7. Jessica, the title of your post made me laugh, because I was in a store with my parents, and we passed a display of chocolate. I turned to my mom and said, "I would kill for some chocolate about now." She laughed. And I replied, "No, really. I would literally *kill someone* for that chocolate." Anyway, congrats on not giving in! I'm on Day 9 I hear ya!
  8. gattling

    Canned Coconut Milk

    Thanks! I have to admit, it was pretty funny when my wife and I opened the can, emptied it, and said, "Huh. That wasn't what I was expecting."
  9. gattling

    Canned Coconut Milk

    I've never cooked with coconut milk before starting the W30 last week. Is it common for it to be separated into a solid portion and liquid portion? How do you measure it out?
  10. So, I'm on Day 9 of my first W30, and I think I've been doing pretty well. I recently discovered the bacon I was eating was cured in sugar (of course), so I've stopped eating that. Overall, though, I think I've been on track as best as possible. Over the past day or so, though, I've just been feeling very overwhelmed by the whole thing. Manifestos and guidelines and rules and when-to-start-over and, and, and, etc. I'm already a pretty obsessive-compulsive person by nature, but now I find myself worrying about every meal. "Did I snack on too many nuts today? How many servings of fruit have I had? Does this coconut milk have any additives besides guar gum? What about sulfites?" Gaaah! On top of that, let's just say my GI tract has been...grumpy...of late, and it all adds up to some major anxiety. So, it was with a touch of morbid humor that I read in my W30 Daily email this morning that the "magic" should be kicking in soon. Forget "magic", I just want to relax a little.
  11. gattling

    Applegate Naturals Uncured Turkey Bacon

    /sigh In that case, I may give US Wellness a try, although having bacon isn't all *that* critical for me. Anybody know if retailers like Whole Foods or Wegman's carry sugar-free bacon?
  12. Hi, all, I'm on Day 7 of the W30, and so far things are going great. With respect to bacon, though, I'm really confused. I read some earlier posts, and the "manifestos", and I'm still confused. I thought I read somewhere that this brand of bacon - Applegate Naturals uncured turkey bacon - was acceptable, but now I'm not so sure. Can anyone help out? Many, many thanks, Greg
  13. gattling

    Started on Feb. 4th

    Hey all, My name is Greg. I started using a personal trainer back in November, and since that time he's convinced me to give this Whole30 thing a try. I'm still a little skeptical, but I'm fully committed to this. While I realize weight loss is not the ultimate goal of the Whole30, it's an important goal for me. Nevertheless, given my current weight (I'm 5'8", and weighed 280 lbs. last week), I'm pretty confident that eating healthier ("real food", as they say around here) and regularly going to the gym (3 times a week right now) will take care of this. Today is Day 5, and things are going pretty well. My trainer wisely recommended I quit diet sodas and artificial sweeteners at my first session with him in November, and I haven't had any since. Additionally, over the past month or so, he's suggested I try to have one Paleo meal a day. Hence, the transition to the Whole30 has not been as shocking as I imagine it could have been otherwise. (Giving up the soda and artifical sweetener in my coffee was tough...I was grouchy for a good week or so...or at least grouchier than normal) Anyway, here I am, and here I go. Best, Greg