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  1. Managed to go to Asia, the US and back & stayed compliant. Breakfast was the hardest and most puzzling Sunday ( Paris, last day at home ) : watermelon/tomato/ olives/ basil salad in a jacket potato, with a side of cold turkey ... my husband loves me despite my weird american diets - he eats a Sunday croissant Monday ( On plane to Singapore) : asked for the vegan option - wind up eating fruit salad only - hungry! Tuesday ( hotel in Singapore - 5 am local time - nothing open) banana + apple + cashews / cranberry trail mix at the 24/7 exec lounge : surprisingly filling W
  2. Beef tartare, no crisps, all accompaniments served separately so you can decide to mix or not Grilled New York seared scallops if the preparation of the sides is compliant, otherwise replace with steamed beans and bouled new potatoes, olive oil on the side.
  3. Dear all, i am on Day 12 of the Whole 30 ... i think... since my job makes it difficult to be 100% compliant ... I I travel internationally three weeks a month : between the jet lag, language and culture it’s not easy to figure out what’s what ... i lead 174 000 employees in food services - when they are so proud of their surprise birthday party it’s impossible to refuse to at least sip the champagne and nibble on the cake they made just for me ... but I am fiercely compliant in what I can control : no snacking - no packaged foods - a good breakfast -and I am pushing my teams to t
  4. Hello, I am reading this a year late, so kaceycamp_bell will probably not be in France any more ... but I just wanted to say that starting whole 30, and being French living in France I am finding it absolutely do-able. Of course if you are visiting, it may be a pity not to eat bread, cheese, wine, butter ... so best not to schedule a trip during a Whole 30 period. But ...oysters straight from the sea in their own sea brine ... baby carrots steamed with new turnips and snow peas ... farm fed chicken roasted with thyme and stuffed with lemons .. new potatoes sautéed with extra virgin olive oil a