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  1. @Eyechip The fact that your post is long is actually a good thing from this Whole30 coach's point of view; it means you're taking a serious look at your lifestyle and looking for the places/times where you may face difficulty doing your W30. Many people don't do this work, and they get caught off guard. I applaud your planning ahead and your honesty. You don't say what is motivating you to do the Whole30; always staying clear on YOUR why is one of the best motivators you have. As far as the issues you bring up: 1. It sounds like you have ideas such as the freeze dried dinners alread
  2. Michael and Sara, I did my first Whole30 with my husband (then boyfriend!) and it was such a gift to share eating whole nourishing food together. Seven years later, it is one of our closest bonds. What a gift you have in each other. I am so happy for you to hear how much you are embracing W30 and making it your own by adding activity that works for both of you. You didn't ask any questions (sounds like you two are good planners), so I will just wish you well as you head toward your reintroduction.. If you have questions or more awesome, inspiring thoughts or insights, come back an
  3. Hi, VLF! I was struck by your post and how INCREDIBLY open-minded you sound. In the world of food, people are often all in in one camp or another, and that doesn't always best serve people. If I read your post correctly, you do eat some animal products (eggs?) and you are looking for "the benefits that are being described," and the big question for you is will you have the same benefits while keeping to your vegetarian ways? The short answer is: most likely, you will not. And that is because meat is more nutrient dense (bioavailable nutrients) and satiating than plant foods. That being s
  4. First off, congratulations on your progress so far!! It's so important to have a plan, and you're already planning ahead for your reintroduction-- Brava! You don't say how long you will be away, where you are going, or where you are staying. All of those things will help inform your choices. If you're visiting an English speaking place (or somewhere with a language you read/ understand) label reading will be easier. If you're staying with friends or in an AirBnb, food prep will be easier. Also, I'm curious about traditional cuisine where you are going, and if that is an interest of your
  5. Hi @Quin not sure if you're still researching this....I don't have a specific suggestion about prenatal vitamins, however, I just want to share that doctor's orders trump Whole30 rules, so you can go with whatever your doctor recommends.
  6. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything "wrong" as far as Whole30 goes! I can hear your frustration in your post. It's discouraging to be doing "everything right" and to still be lacking energy and be constipated. I'm curious about a few things: how's your sleep? How are you managing stress? And what does your daily movement look like (not "exercise," per se, but overall movement throughout the day)? I'm curious about these things because I have noticed in myself and people I've coached that these things all affect energy and digestion in different ways (and differently for each person).
  7. Congratulations on making it to day 23 with fewer food cravings! Your post immediately made me think of Melissa Urban's Whole30 email that came this morning. Maybe you've already read it, but if you haven't, I recommend it for some day 23 insight! http://active.whole30.com/index.php?action=social&chash=757b505cfd34c64c85ca5b5690ee5293.384&nosocial=1 (this link seems glitchy- if it doesn't open, copy and paste and it will get you there!) As far as special meals with friends, is it the food you're craving or the conversation and community? If you're not sure about eating at
  8. Welcome, Tami (and husband)! It sounds like you have a very real WHY you are doing this Whole30. Hold on to that as you go along. There may be moments when you're not as motivated as when you started, but my experience is that the people who are clear on why they are doing the Whole30 and reintroduction are most likely to embrace the journey and learn from it. I love hearing you say "I'm curious to see how we start feeling." That curiousity will serve you during this self experiment. As you notice them, try to reflect on NSVs (non-scale victories!)-- maybe your sleep will improve, skin m
  9. Hi! Milk Dust Powder has a number of sweeteners, so it is not Whole30 compliant. I'm curious if you are working with a lactation consultant or midwife or other practitioner who can give you expert guidance on this? Keeping up your milk supply is so important (as you know), and it is your priority right now. Many people have done a Whole30 while keeping their milk supply up, so it is not uncommon, however, every nursing person is different. I have heard of people who drank Mother's Milk tea (or similar formulations) while they were nursing and doing a Whole30 with good results. I wish I could
  10. Hi, Christi! I see other community members greeted you (and gave you great suggestions), but I just wanted to jump on and say, "Hi," and let you know I read your post and that we're here for you in the Whole30 community. If you're on social media, I definitely recommend following Whole30, Whole30recipes, and some of the coaches, so you're surrounded by supportive, like minded people. Keep reaching out!
  11. Hi, Nancy, I'm jumping in here to echo what Shani said, and to respond a bit to your last post-- If you feel like you're eating too much food, you can definitely make smaller meals while still following the template (protein, veg, add fat). That kind of goes along with what you said about eating more meat than you're accustomed to -- a recommended serving is a palm size (or two depending on appetite/ activity/etc); if you look at your palm, that's actually not too big of a serving. Check it out next time you're making yourself a plate! As far as protein goes, meat/fish and eggs are i
  12. @RBranham92 Welcome! How exciting for you that you're getting ready to start your Whole30 Journey. Believe it when people say it's life changing. There is lots of support on here, as well as answers to many of the questions you may have. If you're on social media, following Whole30 and Whole30recipes are great ways to have inspiration in your feed. There are also lots of Whole30 coaches who put out inspiring content. Let us know how you're doing, and reach out if you have questions or need to connect with supportive people. In case you haven't read it, here's a great article with
  13. I loved reading your post, Marc! It sounds like you were really clear on why you wanted to do another Whole30, and how incredible for you that you're already feeling better with increased energy and controlled appetite. I hear you about missing some of your favorite foods-- I totally understand the feeling. If you haven't read "Food Freedom Forever" by Melissa Hartwig Urban, I highly recommend it (or listen on Audible or iTunes if that works better for you). After your Whole30 and reintroduction, your life will go on, and you will still be eating. With food freedom you can choose the foo
  14. Hello, I had a similar situation with a book and I found the PDF resources when I went to audible.com on a computer versus my phone. Try this: go to audible.com and sign in. Go to your library and scroll down until you find "It Starts With Food." On the far right under "Other Actions" it should say View PDF. Good luck!! BTW, isn't it a great book?