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  1. PEP

    Day Six!

    What happened to negative peer pressure??? Are my friends and I too old for that now? Case in point, my hairdresser and I were supposed to go to happy hour after she finished my hair last night and I was MORE than ready to cheat, for her, LOL - well, not happening. She was encouraging of my eating plan and would have no part in being the reason for me cheating! Dang. I am struggling with the 'three meals a day' concept. That is not how I eat, per se. Normally, I like to eat smaller amounts more frequently (always being mindful of the food type/quantity/calories), so still working on achie
  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Good for you both; it helps to have a partner! The hubs is eating the food, and whatever else he wants and my friends are even being helpful with not encouraging me to cheat, so on I go...without beer
  3. I realize that it has only been four days, so my title is probably misleading, but I am not one for not eating what I "want", and being mindful of calories. I have found though, that even going to boot camp 3 - 5 days a week and watching calories, it has been very difficult to shed weight and I really want to lose some LBS. My sister-in-law mentioned that she and her daughter did this and she had a lot of success and she looks fabulous, hence my 'foray' into the Whole30! The hubs and I went out last night, to one of our local "haunts", which, of course, is a brew pub. Mind you, this girl
  4. Thank you! Start of day three
  5. Hi Everyone! Just started the W30 program yesterday. I read through a lot of comments on the forum, everyone is so supportive. I believe I was pretty compliant, but I hadn't read everything before I started although I certainly understood the concept. I had an egg-white omelet with spinach for breakfast, lettuce, tuna and avocado with rice vinegar and EVOO dressing for lunch and fish, potatoes (sautéed and finished in a compliant chicken broth) and mixed veggies for dinner. Attaching a pic of dinner; my husband enjoyed dinner as well! (of course, he is just happy when I cook a meal!)