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  1. Please note I am not a medical expert, but I would recommend that you speak with a licensed physician about your metal health and medication. On another note, try to focus on how you feel and not just what the number of the scale tells you. I know it's hard (I'm a scale-follower myself) but I've noticed that even though my scale number isn't always what I want it to be, when I'm honest with myself, I look and feel so much better after Whole 30 than ever before. I would suggest reading/listening to Melissa's book; Food Freedom. I think one of the most important/hardest parts of Whol
  2. I did Whole 30 in January. I was very pleased with the program, complied 100% and felt great. Fast forward to re-introduction, I decided to do slow roll reintroduction. Had a little red wine 1x a week for the first two weeks, felt fine. Now I'm 65 days into eating mostly Whole 30, and eat dairy, grains, added sugar, alcohol, legumes usually 1-2x a week only when it's worth it (food freedom). However, I've run into major issues that didn't exist pre-Whole 30. For example; I had two small pieces of pizza on Friday night. All weekend I felt terrible; sharp stomach pain, abnormal loose BM, and wor