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  1. @JpKetz: So, I thought I'd give you an update. Sorry it's taken me this long, but....at least I have something good to report. I'll spare you reintro details but will just say that so far gluten seems to make me feel exhausted and dairy has no effect on me. But the biggest thing is that I went off my Citalopram and have been absolutely fine! It wasn't intentional. I was just tired at bedtime so I kept falling asleep when I lay down with my kids and so I'd miss taking my pill. Then, when it had been five or more days I was like, well, why not see what happens? I have started taking cod liver oil (1 tsp a day), but again, I probably end up taking it every other day, because I forget. Also trying to get some exercise each day, either Bikram yoga or a walk with the dog. And just started doing a couch potato to 5k running program with my 11 year old. He suffers from anxiety as well, but we have not put him on any medication. He is doing a 14-week CBT program at a place here in Boston and it seems to be working really well. I think that I will start testing myself a bit with some exposures to the things that generally made me go off the rails. #1 will be riding the T. I intend to do this in about two weeks, when my kids are with their dad. I will let you know what happens. I've been trying to work myself up into a panic attack when I walk the dog and am in a remote area (my fear: what if i stop breathing and nobody is there to help me?) Yesterday I could feel some anxiety building and I did in-out nose breathing and the waves receded. Yay! How is it coming with your nephew? Any progress? Did he move in?
  2. I think that quitting caffeine AND doing a Whole30 is too much to ask of a person. Every practitioner I've ever seen has told me that caffeine can contribute to anxiety. And I agree. I stayed caffeine-free for years because of that. But after my divorce, when all of a sudden I was the only driver and I had to do an 8 hour drive at night by myself....well..hello Red Bull! So, what I mean is, if your nephew is drinking coffee now, and the idea of quitting caffeine is anxiety-provoking and might cause him to not even try a Whole 30, maybe he should approach this journey in stages. Get through the Whole 30, feel the benefits, and then tackle the caffeine.
  3. @jpketz I am beginning to see the glimmer of a very awesome YouTube original reality series "Whole30 House." Participants come and live together in a house as they progress through the Whole 30. <not to make light, of course> I love that your nephew would even consider moving in for a month. And, tell him he doesn't have to quit the caffeine. Also, I wonder if he could supplement the maintenance meds if his anxiety spikes. Someone else mentioned Klonopin, and I take an Ativan when/if I have breakthrough symptoms. Knowing that he has that in his back pocket (like when you quit smoking but keep a pack of cigarettes in the freezer) might be helpful. My plan is to do this Whole30 and gradually try the reintroduction. I'll most likely end up being pseudo-compliant after that (glass of red wine at night, cupcake at a birthday party once in a while, but otherwise on plan). Then, I'll wean off the Citalopram starting in May. My PCP recommended the summer months. She says it just works better for people because they're more likely to get out and get sunlight and exercise. I will take the summer to slowly come off.
  4. I am only on Day 6, but I am doing this Whole 30 mostly because of my struggles with Anxiety/Panic. I had severe post-partum anxiety after both of my kids' births. I took Paxil and gained 40+ pounds each time. I blame the resulting yo-yo dieting and binge eating to those meds and the anxiety. I was always able to quit the meds after six months, but I'd have periodic flare-ups. I have a scrip for Ativan that I used when they came up. Last summer my anxiety skyrocketed and I ended up on generic celexa. I'm now 30 pounds heavier and walk through life in a fog. I know the drug didn't make me fat, now. It is my addiction to sugar and salty/fatty processed foods. So, I will let you know what happens. My goal is to get off the meds in 2013. I will do this Whole 30, combined with daily yoga and see how I feel. I don't want to go back to the usual. Also, my 11 year old son suffers greatly from anxiety/panic. He is not on any meds though he's just started a 14-week CBT course. If I see good results, I am going to get him to try an elimination plan. Though, like the OP, I wonder if he'll freak out when he thinks everything he likes is now "forbidden." Thanks CAK911 for the caffeine reminder. I had gone off it for awhile last summer and just got sucked back in. I limit myself to two 6-oz cups in the morning, but....that's probably a bad idea.