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  1. Anna C, GT's Synergy Kombucha is our favorite! We love Gingerberry, Trilogy, and Passion Berry, so good! They don't add any sugar after fermentation, like other brands. So you are all good!
  2. Hello! So my husband and I started the Whole30 at the end of January and went for 40 days. We have stayed mostly eating this way since then (5 months!) Once in awhile, maybe every 2 months I will have a rice krispy treat or something like that (never gluten, gluten is the archenemy of my gut), but that's been fewer and farther between because I don't like the stomach pain afterwards. Everyday I eat sweet potatoes, a hard boiled egg, and avocado with olive oil for breakfast, usually tuna with mayo, a fat, a veggie, for lunch, and dinner is salmon/burgers/spaghetti squash with meat sauce (all c
  3. We are celebrating the night of Day 30!! Feeling awesome, in a groove finding new recipes, and different options the farther we go! My husband wants to go for another 30! Thank you so much for the Whole30!!! It’s totally worth all the sacrifice and new habits that have to be created!
  4. Keep up the good work! My husband and I are at Day 28 and we feel the best we've felt for the whole 30 days so far!
  5. Thank you, it actually stopped after about 2 days. I think maybe the hot sauce, I usually don't have that much.
  6. I get anxious about the groceries too. I did paleo on my own about a year ago and I was stressed everytime I went to the store, so I know the feeling. Do you have an Aldi? Aldi has helped me so much! My husband and I have agreed to spend a little more for these 30 days to see the effects. We have had great effects but dealt with a lot of tiredness and adjustments. And yes, many dishes as well!! It is challenging because you are not seeing any payoff and investing a lot of time and energy. You have less than two weeks to be done with the Whole30, if you are able to do it for that time, you m
  7. I'm not a moderator, but I'm sorry to hear that. My husband and I are on Day 26 and we have had amazing results. Better sleep, more energy, less fogginess and feeling crabby. Clear skin, and looser clothing. We have been amazed by it.
  8. Thank you, I just saw your reply. It seems to be better, maybe just getting out the toxins? And yes, I need to sleep more
  9. This is weird, but I am on Day 25 and this past weekend I made Buffalo Chicken Dip with Frank's hot sauce (1/3 cup) chicken, coconut milk, compliant mayo, and spices. Yesterday my intestines felt hot and tickly and still do today. I'm having weird cravings for sugar, like soda. I've had cravings before, but this is different. Another thing that's new to me is Unsweetened Almond Milk from Califia, that I'm adding to my tea. I checked the ingredients and those are compliant too. It's been great so far doing the Whole30 and just wondered if you anyone else might have had these same tickly
  10. Ok, got it! I really do like this dip, but I have restraint with it. Thank you for your help!
  11. I'm on day 21 and looking for compliant Super Bowl recipes bc we are going to a party Sunday. I found a Buffalo Chicken Dip that is Whole30 compliant and I'm wondering if it is considered SWPO at all? Maybe bc it looks so amazingly delicious!!
  12. I am on day 16 and I’ve had three dreams that I know of. I have felt guilty in the dreams and chewed up the food and asked myself if I should spit it out (all in my dream). I wake up and laugh and sometimes crave the foods I dreamt of. I would tell yourself, “it’s ok that I’m having these dreams, I’m not doing anything bad.” As much as you need to tell yourself that. You’ve come so far and are digging so deep, it’s coming up in your dreams, that’s all. When I had my first dream of digging around in a basket of candy to find sugary hearts, I actually laughed when I woke up bc I rememb
  13. My husband and I are 2 weeks in and we feel great! Lots of energy, clearer skin, but I’ve noticed that we both have dark circles under our eyes. Noticeable without my make-up. Does this happen at first to some people on the Whole30? I thought it might be part of my body adjusting! I hope that they go away.
  14. Hi, I’m new, on Day 14 of my first Whole30. Today I was thinking about how it’s challenging to eat so differently, and then it hit me.... ”Everything new is hard at first!” An older, wiser woman said this to me at first real job. I feel the frustration with the Whole30 sometimes, and read about others who just want to give up. But it’s because it is difficult, any big change is going to be hard, ESPECIALLY at first. My husband is doing this with me and we keep looking at each other and saying, “I have so much energy.” I realized today that all the stress, all the