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  1. Feb 4, Day 4 I’m sharing my food choices to give other newbies ideas. menu bkfst: 2 eggs with spinach sautéed with ghee + half an avocado. cuppa black coffee lunch: last of the homemade mushroom soup snack: homemade kale chips with olive oil & brewer’s yeast dinner: I made an entirely new recipe compliant by replacing wine with apple juice. Sounds weird; pork tenderloin with green olives and prunes, but it was fabulous. Mashed potatoes made with water & a tsp. of ghee completed my meal. Also, I’m trying hard to remember to drink a glass of water ne
  2. Feb. 3, Day 3 is done. Simple food. I had a sweet potato for breakfast! Lunch was a compliant (but quick) mushroom soup. Sauté celery, carrots, onion, add chicken broth, bay leaf & thyme. I licked a spoonful of sunflower butter for more protein. For dinner, I made the W30 stuffed pepper recipe with avocado slices on the side. yummy. It is bedtime and I’m having a caffeine free cup of tea. I feel good. Two walks in 50 degree sunshine helped!
  3. Cauliflower Hummus! https://livinggrainlessly.com with veggies for dipping Deviled Eggs with W30 compliant Mayo & mustard
  4. Newbie here! Ready to start Feb. 1st, also. I know I will need the support of this forum to help me stay determined to finish what I begin. Thanks in advance for your encouragement.