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    Natural flavoring

    I am new to whole30. I’m a little confused with natural flavorings..... what confuses me is they are on compliant and noncompliant foods. Why are we eating something that is a mystery? For example I’ve seen Kirkland chicken broth as a compliant Whole30 item on many sites, however it has natural flavoring. In my cupboard I have a jar of Pace picante sauce with ingredients that are all compliant, it also has natural flavoring. Then it (the Pace) says the ingredient from corn in this product comes from genetically modified crops. Where is the corn coming from?! ..... the natural flavoring? Or is it coming from distilled vinegar? .... if the label doesn’t tell you what kind of vinegar is it out? Please someone clarify for me. Thanx!!!
  2. Auttie

    Natural flavoring

    I did some research & I think I’ve answered my own question..... While food processors must list all of the ingredients on a food label, flavor manufacturers do not have to disclose their ingredients. They can add synthetic solvents, preservatives, emulsifiers, carriers and other additives to a flavor that qualifies as natural under current regulations. Natural flavors allowed for use in certified organic foods are subject to a DIFFERENT, far more restrictive set of regulations. They cannot contain a long list of ingredients, including synthetic solvents, carriers and emulsifiers or artificial preservatives. They must use non-petroleum-based solvents, cannot be irradiated and cannot use flavor extracts derived from genetically engineered crops....... So, according to this information “natural flavorings” are permitted on Whole30 only in certified organic foods, ..... the corn in Pace is probably from its natural flavoring.