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  1. Suzy1

    Yesterday was Day 60! Results and Pics :)

    Awesome effort. You look amazing and your skin is glowing!! Well done:)
  2. Suzy1

    Starting August 1!

    Jomyke, keep drinking. Yes you may have to go to the toilet a lot however your body will adjust and you will find you will need to go to the toilet less. Plus drinking water will make you feel better and flush out excess toxins. Another good day. Followed my own advice and did not use the iPhone in bed and had a great nights sleep waking at 8am. Big plus of Whole30 is that I am finally not scared of fat and notice I am super hungry if I have not eaten enough. Has only taken 35 years, started watching what I ate at around 16 years old. My skin looks amazing however my beauty therapist is attempting to take the credit. Good fat, lean food + a heap of water and no caffeine=glowing skin. What's not to love about Whole30 Stay strong everyone
  3. Suzy1

    what to do with Cabbage?

    I cook mine the sane way as Amber, also mix it up with a bunch of other veggies. A favourite is red and white cabbage, mushrooms, silverbeet, chopped green beans, kale, ghee and coconut aminos
  4. Suzy1

    Starting August 1!

    Day 20, love the daily emails. Going to continue on for all of August. Feeling great and smashing my workouts. Sleep has been good except for last night when I played on my iPhone until 10.30pm and had an over active mind and strange dreams. Note to self- bed is for sleeping not for googling:) Big weekend coming up, christening Saturday, only going to the service and wedding lunch Sunday which is sorted. Have a great one everybody. Sue
  5. Suzy1

    Crossfit for a lean muscle?

    I Crossfit 5-6 times per week and am a lean, hard 55kg. Crossfit has given me amazing, sustainable definition and no bulkiness. When competing in physique comps many moons ago the 12 week comp diet etc which was not sustainable once the comp was over did not give me the physique I have now. I have crossfitted with women who train hard however do not change their diet and scratch their heads as to why there is no change. Remember it is still easy to eat cake etc on Paleo. There are so many yummy paleofied goodies which would give you less than impressive results if you indulged. Go to You Tube and search Beauty in Strength which interviews a number of Crossfit women. Good luck hope all goes well.
  6. Suzy1

    Starting August 1!

    Day 16 and day 3 for August. All good here, Crossfit and yoga today. Very cold so spent most of the day inside which could have been an opportunity for bored eating however no desire to. Found out we have a Christening next Sat as well as a wedding Sunday. As we now live 3 hrs from Melbourne and will be commuting back and forth both days will most certainly be packing food and drink for the trip. Hope everyone is going well;) Sue
  7. Suzy1

    Starting August 1!

    Hi NMG, yep the broccoli was cooked and I did some reading last night about broccoli etc and symptoms. Have been consuming massive amounts of cabbage, kale, onion etc with no problems even though they can cause the same symptoms. Going to give broccoli a miss this week as I have a wedding next weekend and my gorgeous dress is fitted with no room for a bloated stomach. Once that is over going to re intro broccoli (cooked) to see what happens.Sue
  8. Suzy1

    Starting August 1!

    No caffeine for a fortnight and feeling great. Michaela give it a go, the withdrawal symptoms will pass. Get some rooibus tea and compliant herbal tea for hot drinks and get ready to feel amazing. Good luck Sue
  9. Suzy1

    Starting 5th July

    Whoops Day 14 now on Day 15 today had a restart a couple of weeks ago due to a minor issue!! Amber that is fantastic, very proud of you, unintentional or not that is a great effort. Lucky you, no side effects. Keep up the great work
  10. Suzy1

    Starting August 1!

    Day 15 and day 2 for August. All good, whole 30 eating has become a good habit. One thing I noticed was that I haven't eaten broccoli for a few weeks and today at lunch had about 3 pieces in my salad. By 5pm had stomach cramps, wind and some bloating. Broccoli a no no I think. Looking back I have suffered bloating issues after eating broccoli however never really blamed the broccoli. Great energy and waking up around 6am wide eyed and bushy tailed. Attribute this to Whole 30 and no caffeine.
  11. Day 1 of August Whole 30 and day 14 of a continued Whole 30. Going to extend it to end of August and make it a Whole 45. Great eating today and loads of energy. Hope everybody enjoyed their first day. Sue
  12. Suzy1

    Starting August 1!

    Sounded like a great bookso I got his website to order it. Sixteen dollar book and wait for it.........$119 AUD to post it!!!! Anyway rang my local book store in Melbourne and they can get it for me without the huge postage fee. Really looking forward to reading it:)
  13. Eliminate the caffeine. You may suffer headaches etc however once you over the withdrawal you will feel much better. I eliminated caffeine nearly a fortnight ago and suffered withdrawals, also noticed my workouts suffered as I was using caffeine as a pre workout stimulant. Also noticed that I relied on caffeine to give me a hit at work. Three days after giving up I had 3 days off work and spent the first 2 days sleeping most of the time which shows just how tired my body really was. Now I am performing much better in my workouts, sleep us significantly better and I am sure my poor stressed out adrenal glands are 100% happier.The suffering is worth going thru. Please don't give up your Whole 30 as the benefits are enormous. Good luck. Sue
  14. Suzy1

    Starting August 1!

    Hi Jenny, Give up the coffee. I gave up coffee nearly two weeks ago, only a 2 cup a day drinker and whilst I did feel lousy for a few days it was worth it. Pick up some compliant herbal teas and see how you go. As you are aware being a seasoned Whole 30er you may feel bad for your first few days anyway:) Good luck Sue
  15. Suzy1

    Starting 5th July

    Just finished dinner, salmon and heaps of veggies. Day 13 done! Continuing on until the end of August. Feeling great, sleeping well and glowing skin. Sue