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    I love Olivado, but is it allowed?

    Cheers for that!! I had a read through the information in the links you sent (a lot of details to learn!). Im glad that avocado oil gets the big tick, but while I was down the rabbit hole I read up on the various extraction methods of oil. I was wondering if you could give me any guidance on what is the cleanest and healthiest form of avocado oil (cold press, unrefined, extra virgin... etc). Seems like the devil really is in the details here!
  2. Hey Everyone Im super new to the Whole30 game, so just looking for a bit of guidance. I got put onto this diet by a bunch of team mates at my Dojo that swear it has kicked their engine into over- over-drive so I had to give it a go. I've always been very conscious of what I put into my body, and the effect said food is having on the environment. A few years ago another mate of mine put me onto Olivado Avocado oil, tastes great and works really well at high temps, which when combined with what I was reading about much of their supply chain and production being fuelled by bio-fuels they were making from the off-cuts/bi-products, it tickled all my fancies. I attached an image of the bottle also incase someone can decipher an answer to my question from the label. Anyway, Im really keen to give this diet a really good swing and make sure that I'm doing it properly. I saw that there were some oils on the approved items list, but would like to stick with what I know where possible and was hoping someone could let me know if I can stick with my Olivado or let me know exactly what I need to look for on the bottles to make sure I am compliant. Any guidance you can give me to soften my noob curve would be great.