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  1. 8 months later...I am back at it! Starting my R2 today. Since my first Whole30, I’ve definitely had my ups and downs. I have tended to eat more W30 in many ways since I did my first, but every now and again I’ll slide back into bad habits. Like the last two weeks - somehow I got hooked on chocolate and popcorn again! So, here I go! This time I am going to try to cut out caffeine as well (but taper down over a week or so, I think, to avoid the headaches.
  2. Yippee! I did it! I don't feel like recording a day by day for the rest, but in a nutshell, it wasn't too difficult and I felt, for the most part, really good for the remainder. I did have a migraine for the final few days, which was a bummer. I did experience many NSVs as a result of this - my skin cleared up and has looked fantastic; I've hardly been bloated at all; sugar cravings completely gone! No longer feeling like a slave to the pantry (especially at night); I look leaner and more toned; greatly improved digestion; my mood has been so stable and I find myself laughing more (to myself s
  3. Day 22 and still going strong. Here's some notes: Day 14: We decided not to go to the neighbors home (for reasons unrelated to my whole30, but of course I was secretly quite pleased with this result). Had a dream about eating Ben and Jerrys - so relieved upon waking and realizing I did not, in fact, spoil my hard work! Felt tired in the afternoon. Day 15: Noticed how well I have been sleeping, and that I have become very "regular" in my digestion. Felt energized in the morning but tired again by late afternoon. Oddly craving salty potato chips (which I do not ever eat or want in my
  4. It's Day 13 - I'm almost halfway there! Some great NSVs so far: I have rarely been bloated (something that regularly happens to me otherwise...), I'm waking up easily in the morning and sleeping well, my skin looks great, my sugar cravings are gone (!!). My energy levels have been a bit varied - at times I've felt so alert and fantastic, but at other times quite tired. I did a HIIT workout yesterday and felt that I was dragging myself through it...I don't have sustained boundless energy like the W30 timeline suggests, but hopefully I will feel that soon! And if I don't, I'm still thankful for
  5. On Day 6 now! I've been keeping my own written log that is much more thorough but I will just share some general thoughts so far and as I go along because I've found it helpful reading others'! Day 3 - I was a bit tired. I had to order out for dinner - my first meal on the W30 not prepared by myself. I hate to be one of "those people" when it comes to ordering but I was able to ask questions and modify a salad with grilled chicken. I asked for olive oil and vinegar instead of the dressing it came with and omitted a few of the salad toppings and it was fine. I felt a little irritable all d
  6. Day 2 - Matcha in the morning with arctic char and a salad, made ground turkey meatloaf with carrots and potatoes for lunch, and had a salad with deli turkey for a late dinner. So far, so good!
  7. Day 1 in the books! I had a matcha-collagen peptides latte in the morning. Late breakfast was a big salad with chicken, for lunch chicken-avocado burger and collard greens in ghee, and for dinner chicken meatballs with veggies, olives, marinara sauce (a day of chicken...we had chicken that was expiring, what can i say! lol). I was craving something sweet in the afternoon but the feeling passed and other than that, today really wasn't difficult. Here is hoping it stays that way!
  8. Whole 30 starts tomorrow! I did the Whole30 (well, more like a Whole 21 or so, really) last year before my wedding and experienced some wonderful results - better sleep, better energy, etc. I wasn't able to do a thorough reintroduction, though, due to my (less than) Whole30 ending right as I was leaving for my destination wedding trip (basically exactly what Melissa says *not* to do!). Since that time, while I have mostly healthy eating habits, my sugar dragon has kicked up and I find myself going crazy (especially at night) on certain foods (hello, nuts!). I'm really excited to use this perio