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  1. Hi Shannon- Thank you so much for your reply! This is really helpful. For some reason I was under the impression that even with food freedom, the categories that are not whole30 compliant should only be eaten once in a while. I'm relieved to hear that I can fully eat them if they don't give me negative side effects. I'm also happy to hear about peas (I love green peas!). I think it's a great idea to play close attention to how they effect me once I increase intake and then sort out an appropriate amount from there. Thank you! I'm also curious how to know if I'm getting adequate prote
  2. Thank you Rachel !! I appreciate this perspective (just seeing it now!). I definitely don't think I need it (never have before this so I'm not sure why I would now). I'll pay attention to how I feel! Thanks for the input
  3. I would like to continue eating mostly whole30 compliant, however, I really don't want to keep eating so much meat. I was vegetarian for 8 years and then ate meat from local farms once or twice a week. Now, on whole30, I'm eating meat every meal every day. This is A LOT for me. It's working fine now (and for the past 60 days). But it's not financially sustainable for me (or emotionally/physically). I will not eat meat from anywhere other than directly from farmers in my area / butchers I trust (no whole foods, trader joes etc) so it's quite expensive and sometimes I have meat nightmares lol.
  4. Hi Shannon, Thanks for the input and for taking a look at it. I am eating a lot more meat than ever. I was a vegetarian for almost a decade and started eating meat about a year ago, but only a couple times a week. So, this is significantly more. I do purchase everything from local organic farms, directly from the farmers so it's the highest quality I can find. I do wonder if perhaps it's too much meat for me? I also started taking the fermented cod oil that is recommended in the whole30 book. I doubt that's it but I'm cutting it out for the remainder to see if anything changes.
  5. If it would be helpful to go into more detail I can add the specific ingredients to the meals I've listed... there are always herbs and fats according to what the recipes suggest.
  6. Thank you both for the feedback! I'm certain that it is not stress. My stress levels are actually pretty low compared to usual. I'm working from home, able to help others, and have plenty of time for self care and connection with family and friends! I'm a mental health counselor and pretty aware of how stress impacts me. I've been way more stressed at other times and never ever experienced dark circles under my eyes or this level of fatigue. I drink 95oz of water on average per day. I'm also eating significantly more than I usually do. I'm 5'2" and about 106 pounds (i don't way mysel
  7. Hi! I'm on day 23 of my first whole30 and am feeling a bit discouraged. I have developed dark circles under my eyes that i've NEVER had before. I've been noticing them for the past couple weeks. Also feel pretty exhausted and am experiencing mental fogginess.. has this happened to anyone? I'm eating more meat than ever (very high quality directly from local farmers) and wonder if that could have an impact? I read that dark circles and mental fog could be a sign that I'm not digesting meat properly or that I have an allergy to eggs. Not really sure where to go from here. I was hoping to
  8. Thank you both for these replies! I'm sorry I didn't see them until now. I will try both of these things.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm on day 13 of my first whole 30. I have had trouble exercising so far, due to being overwhelmed about always having to have a pre and post workout snack or mini-meal. I'm curious if there are snack bars that are recommended before and after (quick things I can eat instead of having to cook eggs or potatoes etc.). The meal prep and cooking is already very time consuming and I'd rather not have to prepare extra meals (or eat more eggs). I know the Epic bars are recommended but I only eat locally sourced, humanely raised meat so I'm not sure these are ideal for me. Th