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  1. Ok, great! Thanks. That's sort of what I've been thinking too!
  2. Well, here I am at the end of my 2nd Whole30 and just waiting another day to be able to do weigh-in and measurements. I am wondering about what to do next. I was thinking since one of my goals is weight loss and I haven't seem much (loss of about 2 lbs total) of it during my 60 days on the Whole30, that maybe I should try to introduce an Intermittent Fasting regime to meet my weight loss goals - 3- 4 days per week on an 18:6 window. I did Intermittent Fasting (IF) for a couple of months at the end of 2019 and found great results - I lost about 15 lbs. But now, with a base of Whole30 food
  3. Ok, thanks. I'm trying to do different things to help. We can't get squash were we live here in Mexico - only available in the fall here for a short season. I can't seem to digest starchy veggies like potato/sweet potato and plantain seems to have the same affect on my intestines. I prefer my food without much sauce but I'll try to add more to get good fat source too. Thanks.
  4. Hi! My wife encouraged me to get on board with her on her second round of Whole30. She saw good results - weight loss, skin improvements, decrease in allergies, and more. I was very happy for her, so I started with her my first round as she eagerly went on to her second round. I post this because I'm a bit confused as to why I've been so hungry so often and seen so few results. I'm now on my second round through the Whole30 primarily because the food is just so amazing and my wife is sold on the whole thing! I've struggled with Pre-diabetes, High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol and th