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  1. The main ingredient to one of my favourite teas- the Pukka night time tea- is ' organic oat flower heads'. Just wanted to check if this is still compliant?
  2. Thank you so much, I've given those tips a go this week and it's really improved!!
  3. Hiya, I've been doing the Whole30 with my family for about 3 weeks now, although we had to restart a week in because of some butter in the soup my gran gave us. We've also just realised that we've been eating a small amount of sugar and sulfur dioxide in the dried cranberries we've been using occasionally for snacking. I know we should restart, but I'm struggling with hunger which I've felt since starting. I've been eating huge amounts, and as someone who started off pretty thin, I really can't afford to loose weight. I feel like there has to be an upper limit to the amount of protein I s