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  1. Hey! @hedegi I am eating the same thing amost every day! Eggs, potatos and meat, every day... Today is the day 15! How are you doing?
  2. We are together @Blueautumn ! I hope you are feeling better today (your day 6, right?)! I'm calmer already, I hope the days are better from now on. Training is a good ideia !
  3. You are doing very well @hedegi! Mango is a good ideia, I love it! Today I'm having all syntoms of day 4, I'm so stressed! I hope feel better soon. I think that part of my irritability occur because all around me are always drinking wine and eating desserts.
  4. @Blueautumn I understand. Today was not a easy day here too. You are fine?
  5. Hi @hedegithanks for your lovely reception! Are you feeling better from heartburn? @Blueautumnwas a good day, thank you for asking! I'm at my boyfriend's house, so I need to eat all in separate of all. But until here all is fine! Today is my third day! How is the fourth day starting for you @hedegi @Blueautumn ?
  6. I'm starting today 5/25! Is someone with me? Is it my first time with whole 30, I hope it's great!