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  1. Thank you all so much for taking the time to address my issue. There are plenty of meat and veg I like but I’m not a great cook and like very simple and basic things to cook (if I have to cook). I love cauliflower so yesterday I made roasted cauliflower in a toaster oven with olive oil, salt and pepper And served it with grilled shrimp. It was very good. Later in the evening I was dying for a snack (like peanuts or chips or something!). I have nothing on hand that I can grab to try and satiate my cravings either sweet or salty. I just think you have more options that will help you get through
  2. Hello, this is day 3 of Whole30 and I am STARVING as well as craving sweets BADLY! Literally all foods I love I cannot have (even the healthy ones) peanuts were my favorite go to snack. No I can only force feed myself carrots. I do not like avocado, hard boiled eggs, almond or any nut milk, REAL butter etc.. I'm living off grapefruits, kosher dill pickles and steak and veg for dinner. I don't see how I can do this if I don't like a majority of the only foods I can eat. I tried Ghee, it made my squash and zucchini very oil and had too strong of a taste. I tried the compliant mayo