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  1. sturgglingCyclist

    What can I haver for snacks?

    I'm trying a second time to do the initial Whole30. I am experiencing the same thing I did before. I spend a lot of time being hungry. So, I often he a snack, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and especially, shortly before going to bed. If I don't by 11 AM or while trying to fall asleep, my stomach is growling.I sometimes have a red potato or two in the afternoon and often have a banana mid-morning. I know that snacks are forbidden on the Whole30 plan but if hunger is distracting me from work, that's a problem. What would be compliant snacks? Thanks.
  2. sturgglingCyclist

    Carbs before a workout

    Thanks, Kirbz, for those suggestions and the links to go with them. That's very helpful.
  3. sturgglingCyclist

    Carbs before a workout

    Now that the days are longer, and warmer, and I work from home most days, I've been trying to get in 3-4 60-90 minute road bike rides in. I know from doing the Atkins Diet that a low level of carbohydrates leads to significant pain in my quads about ten minutes into my ride. I'm trying again to do my first Whole30. My wife recruited me to do the first one with her. This time, not so much. I know it is not Whole30-compliant at all, but I usually avoid the pain problem by hainv a bowl of Grape Nuts with almond milk before a ride. I'm not a position to do a long cooking activity for these rides. I need something I can make and eat quickly. I could cook red potatoes in the microwave, which was a part of my success with the first Whole30 but I don't want to be without enough blood sugar. I am overweight somewhat and, though I don't understand it, a Type II diabetic, though well-controlled. I need so meting that is compliant that will provide adequate carbohydrates. I have not found protein alone sufficient. I already didn't have to eliminate a whole lot of this, since I began Pritikin many years ago. I don't drink soda. I don't eat sugary treats/snacks as a rule. Chips are more of a temptation but I avoid those too most of the time. What can I have for a quick breakfast? Also, what is a Whole30 post-ride replacement for the glycogen in my muscles? I didn't have to worry about this when I was doing 150 miles per week but that was long ago. Thanks for any suggestion.