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  1. Alright, so back to the beginning! My birthday was this weekend and so was the fourth! I ate 100% compliant foods on my birthday and the fourth, but I did have cocktails. Then yesterday, I had greek food. I don't think I went completely off the rails because the meal was healthy, but it did have some pita and hummus/ tzatziki which is obviously not whole 30. I do not regret my decision. I ate WAY healthier than I normally would have had I not done whole 30 up until this point. I am still proud of the fact that on my birthday I turned down lobster mac and cheese, shrimp and gritz, birthday cak
  2. Day 18: - Lunch: salad - Dinner: roasted potatoes and sausage
  3. Day 17: - Breakfast: eggs, chicken sausage, avocado, bell pepper and basil - Lunch: veggie stir fry - Snack: fruit - Dinner: apple and banana with cashew butter and dates
  4. Day 16: - Breakfast: smoothie - Snack: ground turkey with pesto and tomato - Lunch: beef with broth over roasted veggies - Dinner: smoothie
  5. Thank you There have certainly been some challenging moments throughout. For example, the eggplant dish I made last night was a total bust, all I wanted was some ice cream but I refrained haha.
  6. Day 15: - Breakfast: smoothie - Lunch: homemade basil pesto over ground turkey and roasted potatoes - Dinner: Eggplant curry over cauliflower rice Halfway through!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Day 14: - Breakfast: peach - Lunch: breakfast potatoes with herbs, sausage and fried egg - Snack: seaweed and some yogurt with walnuts - Dinner: shrimp and soppressata skewers and a salad
  8. Day 13: - Breakfast: 1/2 lara bar and smoothie - Lunch: almond flour tortilla with scrambled egg and veggies & the freshest peach I picked up from the farmer's market - Dinner: very hungry but nothing sounds good??? had some compliant french fries
  9. Day 12: - Breakfast: smoothie - Lunch: pork carnita on almond flour tortilla - Snack: 1/2 protein bar - Dinner: cauliflower rice with pork sausage, walnuts, cranberry
  10. Day 11: - Breakfast: smoothie - Lunch: chicken sausage, egg salad, a side salad - Snack: apple - Dinner: pork carnitas on almond flour tortillas
  11. Day 10: - Breakfast: roasted potatoes, scrambled egg with tomatoes, chicken sausage, and green onion - Lunch: smoothie - Dinner: Lettuce wraps with bacon, hard boiled egg, cucumber, tomato and homemade ranch Can't even believe how little I think about food! Before embarking on whole 30 I gave frequent thought to what I would be eating next. I found myself snacking often and over-eating because most meals involved "food with no brakes". Now I eat WHEN I am hungry, not before I am hungry. I stop when I am full, not when my plate is clean.
  12. Day 9: - Breakfast: smoothie - Lunch: Cherries, roasted potatoes and chicken, spinach sausages - Dinner: Blackened shrimp salad with citrus mango vinaigrette
  13. Day 8: - Breakfast: smoothie - Lunch: Chicken salad on lettuce wraps and leftover kale salad - Dinner: compliant pork rind chips and roasted potatoes Noticed I was feeling particularly bloated today and checked the whole 30 calendar and today says "no my pants are tighter". Timing is spot on.
  14. To share my reasons for starting whole 30 again... My last whole 30 was four years ago, during which I lost 8 pounds and was able to find food freedom! I have been falling into bad habits again and found myself over eating out of boredom or emotions and rarely eating mindfully or based on internal cues. I was consistently eating foods that did not make me look or feel my best. I hope to target which food groups are less than ideal for me. I know whole 30 is not a weight loss diet, but that is one of my main motivations for doing this. After completing this round, my goal is to eat whole 30 a