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  1. DEW

    Meal prep tip

    I was just reading the recipe for sweet potato soup and have a tip for grating ginger root. I keep a large piece in my freezer to keep it from drying out. But discovered it’s so easy and fast to grate it on my micro plane in the frozen state. It comes out nice and fine too.
  2. DEW

    Feeling deceived

    Wow! Thank you so much @kirbz! That was so nice of you. I’ll look into this book.
  3. DEW

    Feeling deceived

    Thanks, Shannon. I’ll check them out.
  4. @sushisomeday way to go! Congratulations! Your story gives me encouragement! Good for your daughter!
  5. DEW

    Feeling deceived

    I ordered a book from Amazon, that I thought was an instant pot recipe book supporting the Whole30 program! How foolish I feel now that it’s in my hands. I guess I was so excited that there was actually an instant pot Whole30 cookbook, that I didn’t notice the colouring and word order wasn’t correct in the title. But is different enough to be legal? After reviewing some of the recipes, I am sending it back! The recipes are full of non compliant ingredients. I will definitely be reading the title much thoroughly in future!
  6. Can I continue to take antihistamines for seasonal hay fever? They are only taken when needed.
  7. Hi, We are in our mid to late 60's, retired, grandparents who need to reset our whole relationship with food. This is going to be a real test for both of us as I know we have a lot of sugar in all forms in our current diet. We both love our toast in the morning (not to mention the toppings!), rice is a staple as we are of Asian decent, snack foods while watching a movie or binge watching during the pandemic! BUT, we will get through the Whole30, we hope for the better as of August 1, 2020. Right now, we are reading about the program, researching the products we might not have on h