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  1. Great, thanks. I'll check them out. Apart from those accidental slip ups I will have done a Whole 50! #800gramchallenge is to eat 800 grams of fruit and veggies per day. Came up on another Ready State podcast on nutrition. The idea is that this is so filling that other carbs and sugary snacks etc aren't wanted any more, based on research showing that if 800 grams are hit as a target this tends to increase the range of fruit and veg eaten and mean you get the micronutrients often missing. I have been doing it roughly as part of the whole 30, trying to hit that number per day. And it has hel
  2. Thanks muchly. Sorry hadn't seen the response as I had no notification, must not have it set. I restarted it again, although we had another slip a week after! So have another 2 weeks to go. Enjoying it though, and along with extending my physical training programme am really feeling the benefits. I have just cut out the bulletproof coffee and opted for black coffee. Eating lots of veg. Have you come across the 800 gram fruit and veg challenge? Can you point me to resources for recommencing / testing? I may not have the 3 weeks I would have liked to have taken as I am planning on visiting my Mo
  3. Thank you for this reply. Yes that is my thinking too, also on the chicken although my girlfriend who isn't doing it also felt that way, it was quite pronounced to me, not just stomach dealing with normal food stuff. I will see if it works timeline wise and if not return to it as to be honest I am feeling much better for it and enjoying the whole 30 thing. Its not that I want to rule out all the eliminated foods permanently but to know what effect different foods have. I even sourced an organic farm for sustainably sourced meat and have been eating more organic veg too when I can get it. A kin
  4. Hi. Didn't think I would need to post on here. I have been really enjoying whole 30 and taking a simple approach, combining it with ongoing intermittent fasting at roughly 16/8. After a few days it has worked a treat, and revealed several things. I don't eat much sugar normally but after about 5 days my teeth were loads better, and my sleep has improved especially after the first two weeks. Problem: my lovely girlfriend and I had a roast chicken dinner on Saturday as a treat, but I noticed the empty jar of cranberry jam on the side after, which only had cranberries and sugar but had been