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  1. scoobydooby1969

    Clarification on the Fast Track intro...

    Thank you! So when then ten days of the fast track is over you can combine all food groups then...?
  2. Hello! I am just needing some clarification on the 10-day fast track plan! Once a food group is introduced, do you keep that in your diet when you introduce the next food group? For example.... I introduce legumes first, then when I introduce GF grains two days later, am I still eating legumes along with the GF grains or GF grains only then? And one more question! Say I introduce a food group, such as legumes, do I only eat them one day and then eliminate them the next two days...... or during that two day wait time am I still eating legumes? Thanks!
  3. scoobydooby1969

    Reintroduction - Mexican Food

    Hello! My family is about to begin our reintroduction phase in a couple of days! Everyone is wanting to eat at a Mexican restaurant on day 31 in celebration. I want to follow (as best I can) the reintroduction of food groups gradually as recommended, but am also really looking forward to a meal at our favorite restaurant. I am wanting to eat the chips and queso, quesadilla with chicken, cheese, and a corn tortilla, and Spanish rice.....Is this a good idea? Should I leave out the rice and just introduce the dairy/cheese/queso? (the queso is really what everyone and I are looking forward to.) We would eat corn tortillas so there is no gluten being eaten. Does anyone have any advice or critiques on this outing? I want to be smart, but also enjoy some chips and queso Thank you in advance!