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  1. Starting day 11! Happy with the amount of walking I did yesterday. I didn't eat the potatoes I planned to last night, got busy, and then had a pack of salted cashews (snack-pack from kirkland) to quell the hunger.
  2. Dear all, I made it thru the weekend, and can it be that it is day 10... whoa! Got a little help by -avoiding- the usual friday night family dinner. Other than that, making healthy choices and surprisingly pretty minimal fruit and nuts, was doing that much more the last time i did one of those. Mood is solid, good even. Still bloated and heavy in the belly and the body. Good news- i'm not having sugar cravings and its a miracle, but there are cookies and chocolate inside my house and I haven't devoured it. Lunch today was a bunch of steamed cauliflower, red cabbage and avocado with a homemade
  3. ON to day 5, almost forgot what day im on. still feeling really bloated, heavy.
  4. Usually I would eat crackers, toast, rice, miso soup, etc. Any ideas on what I can eat while feeling nauseous and birp-y? thanks!
  5. THANK YOU! love hearing from you @ShadowInTheKitchen it was a family gathering that got me, next time I will announce that I need the family help to remain strong
  6. I am still here, after 2 false starts/early falls. I am starting day 3 today. Did some healthy cooking- sheetpan cod, green beans, onions and cherry tomatoes w olive oil lemon sauce and sweet potato wedges.
  7. Day 2 was so tough, and...I need to re-start, because I broke into some 'healthy' GRAINS. And I am embarrassed. So, today is day 1, again. I will report back about my food later. breakfast- black coffee and chia pudding with figs
  8. Thank you, day one, done. I did it. I ate a lot of veg. lunch- arugula, tomatoes and canned salmon salad later meal- steamed cauli and mixed veg w seaweed and coconut aminos later later- can of hearts of palm and an apple I am super agitated, I was even before i started this, continue to be. i think the cookie and cracker eating i was doing before was way to 'deal' with the anxiety and now... got to loop in other ways. I will check the forum for suggestions.
  9. FEELS GOOD to get your comments this morning, thanks! I had this scary moment this morning as i was waking up- what if the forum community thinks i believe that food somehow will 'me me happy' and then this fear that i would be another one of those voices- if only you ate or looked xyz, than all would be better. I know it is not a singular solution and that so much more involved and as I do those other things, the walking, yoga, connecting, etc, I am still a pawn to my cravings, and its that dynamic that makes me feel sad, heavy, lost, etc. That's my clarification. NOW- for black coffee
  10. Hello forum! I’ve done this twice before but privately. The quarantine and work from home has Turned my brain and body into battlefield- everyday I say today’s the day I stop with the junk and over eating. And then ... tomorrow. Today was one of those days. All went well til late night cookies and crackers. So this time I’m reaching out to community. I’ll wake up August 5th and start this. I’m a pescatarian so some limitations. But I can do it! Did some prep work already and have all my old hacks - lots of hard boiled eggs, bags of fresh and frozen veggies, canned fish, nuts, etc. I’m r
  11. Joined the forum today and starting tomorrow. I’ll be watching and rooting for you since you’re a few days ahead of me. Good to feel less alone in this.