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  1. Looks good and easy to cook. One more way is to use frozen veggie mix, heat it in a pan or wok for 5-10 min and add cooked rice. It may taste differ but also good
  2. I've never seen something like this before but it looks very useful. It's amaizing, you can bring it it every place you want. I'm sure even cooking in the car could be possible if you will make the cable suitable for cars
  3. Sounds delicious, definitely need to try it. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I'm also new here and don't know any fast recipes yet but I think there are some must-have kitchen gadgets that can save your time and especially nerves There are many of them that will make you life easier. For example, I bought good non-sticky pan that I can clean only with a towel and planning to buy a meat grinder (not sure about it yet), which I'm planning to use for vegetables also