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  1. How is everyone doing? I'm feeling pretty good. One moment better than other moments. especially the afternoon is hard. But I have a lot of NSVs. The biggest NSV: my asthma is getting better. I've had a busy week last week. But I have a couple of go to meals. My favorite is sweet potato with vegetables (green beens, bell pepper, broccoli) and salmon or shrimps. And I always have meatballs in the fridge for snack. I even made salmon balls last week. For salmon balls I used a can of salmon and just all the things I used for chicken meat balls. This week I am going to experiment with eg
  2. How are you doing? Are you already feeling better? I'm from Amsterdam. I really like mls en grams ;)
  3. Did you every try Pinterest. I use that to keep my recipies ordered and in one place
  4. Help! In the afternoon I'm always hungry. Especially when I go to the gym I'd like something to eat, so I don't pass out while working out. Or run into the supermarket before or aftre the workout to buy non-Whole30 foods. What can you recommend? What do you eat?
  5. Day 5-7: On day 5 I realized my ankles are not thick anymore. Stomach is still bloated and joint do stil hurt. I had my 'normal' breakfast, eggs and fruit. Lunch was a chicken salad with fruit and vegetables, without mayonaise. I have decided I don't like the mayonaise and I just use some olive oil over it. I've been hungry the entire afternoon, so had some sweet potato and green beans before going out for dinner. The restaurant did not really had any options for dinner. But the made me some fish with potatoes and vegetables. I'm not 100% sure it was WHole30 apporoved, but I did my b
  6. After day 4 it became a lot easier. I was more tired, but no more headaches and other symptoms. I just read you used coconut milk that's also a good alternative. I stopped drinking coffee a couple weeks ago already, because my stomach pain got worse after drinking coffee. Hopefully I can go back to drinking coffee, because I love it. I don't know what kind of coffee machine you have but you can try other coffee beans or another coffee blend. Some blends are really good and I could drink it without milk.
  7. THank you! I already make big meals and put them in portion sizes in containers in the fridge. And I did so much shopping last week I have enough food in the house for another week I thin I need to look more into that meal recommendations/rules and meal templates. I don't think I follow that. I would like to go back to three meals a day without snacks. I now still have a snack in the afternoon...
  8. Good to hear you're doing good. I'm also doing well. Had a good weekend without cravings. Even went out for dinner. I am not 100% sure it was a Whole30 meal, but I did my best. Had sparkling water all night and told the kitchen I couldn't have dairy or grains. The rest of the table ordered all small bites of food. and the entire table was covered in food that I couldn't eat... And I didn't slip or found it difficult. So yay!
  9. That's also why I started (and stomach pain and joint pain). FOr me it's also working really well so far. I had no cravings this weekend. I'm already thinking of extending it to a Whole60 ro Whole90...
  10. Hpw are the first days going for you? Ihad a had time the first couple of days, but the weekend I was feeling okay (no headaches or fogginess, just really tired). I also have a daily log that I try to update every day But of course you're also welcome to post in here. I'll read both. Most of my meals urned out okay. I use the Whole30 cookbooks, but I'm struggling with American sizes (1 cup, how much is that??). Other than that, I'm doing fine. I'm just worried that I make mistakes and not knowing it...
  11. Hi Patricia, How are you doing? Still on track? Sorry for my late response, but I had a rough and busy couple of days. You can find my daily log here.
  12. Thank you! How are you doing so far? Still on track?
  13. Day 4: I had to go to the office for a meeting. I had breakfast at home and realized when I wanted to go for lunch that I left my lunch at home................ I had to buy lunch at the restaurant. I had one egg, two small tomatoes and an apple. After my last meeting, at 3pm I drove home and ate all my snacks. I had an early dinner and allowed myself to have a snack while watching Netflix. Althoug I forgot my lunch, I felt a lot better then on day 3. I was bloated and ad a headache. And I kept looking for snacks, but that might have something to do with forgetting lunch. The most di
  14. I'm a bit behind on logging... Here's Day 3. Day 3 was hell.......... I couldn't get out of bed, no motivation to start work or go to the gym, I was bloated, hungry and cold. I had no focus at work or at the gym. I the afternoon I had a foggy head, was really cold and had a headache. My body was scream for a snack to feel better. I had some cashew nuts, but didn't do anything... My body was screaming for sugar. I didn't give in. I went to the gym, just to be busy. It was an okay workout. My trainer was proud.