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  1. Thanks, that makes sense. I guess with frying there's more risk than with roasting of reaching the smoke point of the oil so it breaks down. I'm using avocado and macadamia oils but they are terribly expensive.
  2. Hi. I finished a Whole30 a few weeks ago. When I eat grains in particular (and possibly sugar also), I find that my symptoms are now even worse than they were before I ever did the Whole 30 (ie disrupted blood sugar, bad sleep, bad digestion). Is it usual to be even more intolerant to a food after the Whole 30 than you were before? Many thanks.
  3. By "better" I mean "healthier". I am not trying to complicate roast potatoes and I am not sure why my question is so difficult to understand. I want to pan fry potatoes in 20ml of oil. I want to know whether this is less healthy than roasting potatoes in 20ml of oil. If it is less healthy, why? I thought I had previously seen somewhere on the forum a suggestion that it was better to roast potatoes than fry them, but it is not clear to me why that is.
  4. Thanks for responding. I was unsure because I thought I saw elsewhere that you should start the potatoes in the pan and then finish them in the oven, but I don't see what difference it makes. Is it better to heat oil in the oven than to heat it in a frying pan? Many thanks.
  5. Hi. If I pan fry potato cubes in, say 20ml oil, is that worse than roasting them in 20ml oil? I'm using the same amount of heated oil. Many thanks.
  6. Hello. I can only hold 3 eggs in my hand but would like to eat 4 eggs. Is this OK? I prefer to weigh and calculate macronutrients in my food, but am conscious that is not permitted on this programme.
  7. Thanks for your message. I am a bit worried about eating too much fat. For example, yesterday evening I ate two hamburgers (organic, compliant, baked, wiped excess fat off with paper towel), roasted mushrooms and asparagus and pan-fried potatoes (roasted and fried in macadamia oil). I then added one avocado and jalepenos. Given that the hamburgers were themselves very fatty anyway, it just seems like a lot of fat. Oddly I also seem to have developed a craving for fat on the programme, although I don't think I'm particularly well fat adapted and I don't particularly like the taste of the f
  8. Hi. In the meal template, do we add the suggested fat to each meal AFTER using the cooking fat anyway? Its not clear to me from the It Starts With Food book (nor the Whole30 cookbook). So if I've roasted vegetables in a thumbs worth of appropriate oil (I understand one thumb = 1 tablespoon) do I still need to add avocado/coconut milk to the meal? Many thanks
  9. Sorry, I see there has already been a response. Thank you.
  10. Hi. Is it OK to have boiled sweet potato (or white potato) at every meal (not just one or two meals)? I'm hungry even after adding the fat. Thank you.