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  1. Today was my first day off. I went out for lunch at BWW. I quietly freaked out in my head about it. I had 5 naked chicken strips with Garlic Parmesan sauce on the side, I ate maybe two tablespoons of sauce. It cane with chips and salsa. I ate 5 chips dipped in salsa. I still feel guilty and have no desire to eat out.
  2. Thanks for the info. Today was my first day off the 30. I had naked chicken tenders at BWW with about a table spoon of garlic Parmesan sauce, and 5 chips dipped in salsa. I won’t eat out for at least another week.
  3. I’m on day 22. Much like substance abuse, I’m afraid to reintroduce sugar, cheap carbs, and dairy in any form because I’ll slip back into addiction. Has anybody experience this?
  4. I’m on day 4. Legs are cramping. I took a potassium tab and magnesium tab today. I’m constantly thirsty. Like CONSTANTLY!