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  1. Just to clarify: One is to base their meal on a protein portion, fill the restof the plate with vegetables, and add fat in the recommended portions per meal: • oils, (1-2 thumb-sized) • butters, (1-2 thumb-sized) • coconut (etc.) • olives, • nuts & seeds, • avocado, • coconut milk. Here's the question — it's not clear that one should pick *one* of these, or a combination (and, strictly speaking, the text in the book and the handout make it sound like you should have *all* of these in one meal (and the six little icons on the meal planner make it loo
  2. Wild guess, but there might have been something in the bacon (it's quite hard to find compliant bacon) . . . plus I've found that staff don't quite get that when you say "vinegar," that there are no additives and such to the vinegar. And you're probably right about the oils used in preparation (again, staff at restaurants vary in their supporting customers with the food requests and questions — I've seen staff outright lie to customers). But perhaps someone else can shed some light? One thing I've had some hassle with, however, that your story reminds me of, is how others don't quite get
  3. Thank you so much, Kay . . . now on Day 5 — "Kill All the Things." Trying to have "fun" with it with the family!
  4. Hi — on day two, and I feel not so great (horrible night's sleep) . . . but better than yesterday evening, when I felt like I was hit by a truck. Even after reading the timeline, I had *no* *idea* . . . Anyway, I'm flummoxed and can barely type, but I'd like to know if Ascorbate Bio-C (by NutriBiotic) is Whole30 compliant. I started reading the label and trying to check ingredients, but got thoroughly lost. Any help available (photo of label attached)?!? Good Karma points available! Thanks, David