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  1. Thanks, the coconut water definitely is, it’s listed as 100% coconut water in the ingredients and I believe that v8 juice is listed as compliant.
  2. Hi, I'm just starting out (on day 4) and I just have a question. I do quite a bit of cycling (usually at least an hour a day 4 or 5 times a week) and I usually sweat quite a lot. Before starting this programme I made my own sports drink that consists of coconut water, V8 juice or fruit juice, water, a teaspoon of honey and ¼-½ teaspoon of salt. I know that honey is out, but is it OK if I omit the honey and just make the drink from coconut water, juice, water and salt? I read that V8 juice and fruit juice is allowed but it should be used to flavour things rather than drunk by it