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  1. Apart from a splash of milk or a piece of cheese here and there, I don't do dairy because I figured out a long time ago that if fills up my lungs. Glad that I am not craving anything at this point.
  2. Good morning, It could be that my body is releasing toxins. All through the night, I felt like I was chocking. So much mucus dripping in my throat. Also today, I am bloated. Seriously bloated.
  3. I am just over my mid-month point. For NSV so far, my night sweats are for the most part, gone. I have been sleeping like a baby, covers on. That for me is a huge NSV. But, I am discovering that something is my diet is filling up my lungs and sinus cavities with mucus. It is not a daily occurrence. Stating today, I am keeping a tight food journal. Need to know what is triggering these mucus attacks.
  4. Hi all, The house is clean, the fridge and cupboard compliant. I was going to wait until Monday Jan 4, 2021 to begin but decided to start today. If I delay, I will want to indulge. Tough love! Meal prep is ready for the next few days. I did step on the scale this morning and took my measurements... no need to roll your eyes at me! I am looking at this Whole 30 challenge as an adventure, as a hike toward health. Along with the Day by Day and the encouragements from my friends, I will make it. .