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  1. Hey I posted in this forum earlier because I accidentally had tea with a no no ingredient. I would suggest you do, and it sucks I know from experience but it's not a punishment. Book says restarting is always up to you but since mine was due to carelessness, I did. The idea is to give yourself 30 days of reset with no noncompliant ingredients and gum has sugar and sugar free gum has sugar substitutes which are still no. I didn't want to start with day 1 because yes disheartening and also the symptom predictions would be off so I just added my 3 days to the end. I also learned to Read My Labels
  2. Hey all, I'm super sad. I made some tea this morning and while listening to the book, something made me recheck the ingredients. All compliant except... dark Chocolate chips. I was heartbroken. I had only had 2 sips (cup was still full) and poured the rest out in horror. Do I have to restart??? It was an absolute accident and not a cheat or slip! It didn't taste sweet at all so I doubt there is much. Ahh. Advise please.
  3. Faythe, I have hypothyroid too. Am curious if I can come off my meds after I balance out and heal my body. Got GERD too, my body is always mad at me for what I eat. Sounds like you have a good plan. And reassuring to read you've done it before and are back again. Very hopeful to change my relationship with food.
  4. I did the same Faythe, just put it all in a bag and had my mom take it away lol This is my day 3, still not feeling good but I'm hopeful
  5. Hey Kata, this is my first time too. I'm one day behind you. How's it going so far?
  6. Hey Donna, this is my first time trying this. When did you start and have you done this before?
  7. Yay Maxine. You can do it. I am very hopeful for me, this is my first time
  8. Way to go Angela, I started 1/2. Sounds like you have a good plan for preparing your meals. We got this
  9. Good luck Mercury, love the commitment to figure out what's bugging you.
  10. Hey fellow Whole 30ers, This is my first time trying this. Done it all before, Weight watchers, yo yo dieting, fasting; nothing worked. Excited to give this a try as it seems sustainable long term. Going pretty well, I premade all my meals for the next few days, next cooking day is Wednesday. Looking it so far minus the headache. I got the book, audio book, text messages and the day by day journal, all awesome support tools. And I'm doing it with a buddy. - hopeful first-timer
  11. Hey Libberita, That was my start date too. And my challenge buddy's. I am also not getting coaching but got the texts and those help. How are you feeling with it now? I'm rocking a headache lol