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  1. So I searched on google about vanilla extract with gylecrin and there are people here in the forum saying ok it´s compliant and others saying it is not allowed!! Can some please help me, because yesterday I used it and if it´s not allowed i´m going to have to get back to day one right? Can I have it?
  2. I´m getting ready to start the Whole30, but I didn't understand how much black coffee i can have? Can I only drink it black? Because on it starts with food it says limit intake, but is that a rule or recommendation? And i usually 1 cup in the morning and one at 5pm. Can I still drink it in the afternoon? Or is it just a recommendation? Help me please!!!!
  3. So I'm going on vacation on March 1st, so if i start my Whole30 tomorrow I will be finished by my vacation correct? Since it's 30 days?