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  1. Hi Lorna. No maam. This is my first round. Ended up starting March 1. When I initially started on Ash Wednesday, Texas was in the midst of a major snow storm - the likes of which we have (honestly) never seen. There was literally no food in the grocery stores (no kidding - the shelves were completely empty), no gas at the gas stations and no deliveries (I'm an oncology nurse who also does home infusions on the side and obtaining supplies the week after our snowmaggedon was nearly impossible!). Most restaurants were closed because they couldn't get food deliveries. We had to dig deep in the pan
  2. Lorna and Kiirsten - your post hits home. I have SI joint issues as well as other chronic pain issues related to a horseback riding accident that happened more than 10 years ago. As an RN, I've personally seen the damage that pain medication can reek on all aspects of life and am determined my pain can and will be relieved without narcotics. This past year the pain has been worse than since back surgery 5 years ago. As I tried to analyze and determine the cause, I came to realize my diet and activity took a terrible down turn with the COVID Pandemic. I'm hoping to re-set my nutrition over the
  3. Wow - the knowledge put into the posts from Sugar cube and other advanced members is amazing. I'm a lifetime counter of everything as well and am more than a little afraid of what the next 30 days will mean to my relationship with food/eating - it kind of feels like I'm telling my significant other we're taking a 30 day break! Although not directed to me, thank you for your wisdom and advise.
  4. Started my first Whole30 today and intend to maintain throughout Lent. :)