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  1. Thank you for the link to the article. I found it helpful. Tigers Blood was the magical feeling of being unstoppable that I was looking for but I guess the way it is described in the article, I can say that I do feel so many improvements and little to no cravings. I am also on the downward swing so I guess I am in Tiger Blood zone. Which is great. Only raw Kale, which is new, but I have been eating that the whole time. These symptoms have increased a little for me this weekend and now so it could be the almonds, that now that I think about it, the almonds do seem to cause this issue for m
  2. Hi, I have experienced great results in regards to weight loss, my body feeling better and improved digestion. However, I do not feel "Tiger Blood" I have no boost in energy and I am still having some digestive upset. I am also feeling a bit in the dumps emotionally. I am 100% compliant and I am on day 22. Gassy and burping is still common for me. Some bloating, even though it has dramatically improved. Is this just evidence that I need to go longer than 30 days?