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  1. Thanks for all your thoughtful responses. Just to clarify, I don't feel any peer pressure to eat freely -- it's just after 30 days of W30, I'm going to want to. I love food, it's one of my biggest passions in life. I've had some hard-to-place stomach pain for the past year or so that I can't figure out what causes it, usually after eating dinner, and that's what prompted me to do Whole30. I'm wrangling with the idea of trying to stay whole30 on this trip, which would really bum me out, but I guess my question is: if I reintroduce for a week, properly, and do go "off the rails" for a few
  2. Thank you!! I'd probably do the first one... I'm just not clear about how long to spend on each food. And once I "reintroduce" something, does it stay in my diet or do I reintroduce one at a time? Is it possible to keep with reintroduction after a few days going off?
  3. Hey all. R1D15 here. Been a crazy journey so far but I'm proud to have made it to the halfway point. My reintroduction period is landing at a weird time. I'm going to have 6-7 days after my R1D30 until I'm going away for 2-3 days with my girlfriend for her 30th birthday. I won't have the ability to cook nor will I have the desire as we're going to be celebrating her, and I will probably want to eat whatever to enjoy the little getaway. How can I optimize that 6-7 days for reintroduction, and then if I eat normally (or even gluttonously...) for those 2-3 days, does that destroy the r