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  1. I'm on Day 69. Still not seeing the results promised in the book. I think I should feel better. I have been strict in avoiding the prohibited foods. I must say I feel a little better than I did on day 60 but still have lots of brain fog and my body wears out fast. My brain fog and body fatigue have been slowly spiraling down hill for 40+ years. Does anyone have any experience that long term brain fog takes longer than 30 days to correct? ???: It seems like W-30 directs a lot of meat and to keep a strict regimen of 3 big meals per day and no snacks. Does anyone have experience
  2. Day 62 - A little better for the last 3 days, but still expecting to be free of the brain fog and have my body energy back. Continuing in the faith of the W-30 food without cheats. Rebecca, Thanks for the nice note. I hope your are right. I know Covid hangs on. I started a 3 month mineral cleanse about a year ago, then went to a DMSA for some months. I still don't feel as well as I did before I started all that, which was not very perky, and the medical/naturalpath docs said I was clean in November. My brain fog and body fatigue have been slowly spiraling down hill for 40+ year
  3. I started January 8, 2021. My worst problems relate to mental and physical fatigue. I don't feel any better than 2 months ago; worse maybe. Should I still keep hoping or am I doing something wrong? First, I believe I have kept the Whole30 faith; rules and regs. I am mid 60's, 6 ft and 180. I have stopped regular walking but keep doing physical activity like shoveling dirt, moving rocks, splitting wood, and chasing cows. It wears me out but I keep at it. I have lost about 15 pounds, though it wasn't my goal. I eat a lot, it seems, and the weight has plateaued. I haven'