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  1. Thanks your reply. And.... I think you nailed it. I should be getting my period in a couple days, yet somehow After all these years I still forget how it can affect me! At least it makes more sense now!
  2. I’m on day 24, and it’s going well, but I feel like the last few days feel like my sugar cravings are getting worse! I am feeling pretty good otherwise, less garbag-y in general, but Junk is calling my name! And not like, I might cheat and eat a few cookies. Like, I want to spend a weekend eating a whole chocolate cake, and a bunch of other stuff... the point is I feel like kind of a black hole where a taste of something will not be enough and I will go off the rails. Especially as I near the end of this whole 30, I don’t want completely fall of a cliff when it’s over!