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  1. Happy Day 18, everyone! I hope it finds you doing well and experiencing Week 3 benefits of the Whole30. I continue to use "The Whole30: Day by Day" and also am reading "Atomic Habits." (Melissa interviewed author James Clear on her podcast.) Both from the library -- bless libraries -- and both helpful in following the plan.
  2. I've hit on a combo that works well on days I feel too full to eat three full meals: a whoppin' handful of fresh spinach, a carrot, a small steamed beet, a chunk of cooked sweet potato, a banana, a generous handful of flaked coconut, and a raw egg, whipped in the VitaMix with almond milk. Freeze the banana first to make the drink colder and taste a little sweeter. This is just one variation; anything that would include protein, fat and veggies (this has both greens and starchier) would match the meal template. The fruit adds palatability. It's delicious, to my taste buds, easily h
  3. Sounds good! I'm looking forward to pork chops with applesauce tomorrow. I've made a couple recipes from "The Whole30" that didn't appeal to me -- the Mexican tuna and seared scallops with blueberry ginger sauce -- but the majority are wonderful. I've just ordered a used copy of The Whole30 Cookbook from Thriftbooks to expand the possibilities! Oh, my smoothie plan worked well, though I am going to cut back to one raw egg, rather than two. This is a good option for when you're just not hungry enough (or too tired) to prepare and consume a full meal; having it after my short morning
  4. Good to hear from you, Noreen! Awfully good of you to support your friend through what sounds like a shocking loss. Life will interrupt our best-laid plans. I am glad you re-started! FYI: Because my sweet drink was a little destabilizing, I'm trying a different post-run version today that includes veggies -- spinach, carrot, steamed beets or sweet potato -- as well as banana, flaked coconut and two raw eggs (from my hens, whose eggs I completely trust). I'm needing a break from cooked breakfast eggs, and sometimes have trouble eating three full meals a day. Making seared scallops wi
  5. Just wanted to say hello to everyone on Day 7, send well wishes and share a great lesson. I'd had a highly stressful issue in my life for a few days and really wanted to pop a beer when it resolved yesterday. Obviously, that's out. So I blended up coconut milk, a couple of dates, a frozen banana and a tablespoon of almond butter for a sweet treat. I admit it tasted heavenly. But it bothered my digestion into the evening and really mucked with my sleep. My body feels as if it is making the metabolic transition to burning protein and fat; one notable and welcome effect is improved emot
  6. Hang in there, everyone. This too, shall pass! I've been reading The Whole30, Day by Day (ecopy from my library), and it's helped ground and encourage me every day. I've been headachy and tired, too, and in the first few days just felt. too. full. So I had a compliant snack in place of one meal, though apparently many people feel ravenous the first few days. Now, Day 5, I'm starting to feel hungry enough to eat three meals. Each of us is different, I guess. I love your comment, SchrodingersCat. The hangover without the fun. Got Nutpods on sale at my local health food store and
  7. Good sleep is SO important, so I can really relate. I've been having an awful time lately, with a torn rotator cuff that tends to hurt at night, and heat and smoke. Last night was pretty bad, and I had breakfast really late for me, 9:30. So I made a lighter lunch of the breakfast frittata I didn't finish, with a side of celery with almond butter. I think I will make the full dinner tonight, but eat only small portions. It's from the book -- ground meat with homemade tomato sauce and roasted spaghetti squash. (The frittata was really good -- eggs from my hens and tomatoes from my gar
  8. Sugar is the big bad for me, too, Noreen. Has been for decades. I'm one of those skinny fat people, so it doesn't necessary show up in weight gain, but I know my body has aged prematurely partly because of it, and it really messes with my mood. I'm encouraged by hearing your "over the hump" experience. I confess I will miss beer, too. Sigh. But ... 30 days, and so much (not weight) to gain!
  9. With you there! I've just roasted spaghetti squash and made tomato sauce. I'm sort of glad I'm feeding just me, as I'll always have leftovers on days I don't feel like cooking.
  10. Thanks for that! We're continually reminded to hydrate in Colorado, but I still sometimes get lax. A good habit is to down a full glass of water first thing, even before your coffee. It also helps visually to put your daily allotment in a glass pitcher and leave it out on a counter; that way, you're reminded to drink throughout the day and finish it before you go to bed.
  11. Hi, Noreen! Good to hear from a Whole30 veteran! I like your observation about the timing of a September Whole30; it feels like a good time to me, too. The recipes look wonderful; the dates and squash should help assuage my sweet tooth if it gets unruly. Good luck to you, too. Where are you from?
  12. That looks tasty! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to stick pretty close to the one-week meal plan in the main Whole30 book for the first week, then branch out a little. I joined Butcher Box, prompted by the Whole30 bonus, so I've got a freezer full of great meat/salmon. Brought produce today and will pick up a few last items at Trader Joe's tomorrow. The recipes from the book I've tried have been really tasty! I've got cooked chicken and a pound of ground beef thawing in my refrigerator in anticipation of Day 1. Sure glad to hear the storm didn't land on top of you!
  13. Hey, Vash: Wildfires and smoke here in the Western United States most of the summer, something I know you can relate to all too readily there. Hard times for the planet and all its inhabitants. Glad you got that generator and that you're planning to join in the September Whole30 as we head toward Fall in the U.S., and you toward Spring. Hang in there during lockdown! You're not the only one who has turned to comfort food (and drink) during the pandemic. Perhaps we can help each other kickstart the habit of taking better care of ourselves. -Cate
  14. So many factors -- inner and outer -- can conspire to thwart our best intentions, and certainly a hurricane/severe storms are a huge consideration. Yet being in optimum health gives us our best chance to weather the difficulties of later life and still enjoy some happiness. So here's hoping you're able to join us, Pearlgirl!