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  1. Okay, just an update... Tomorrow I will be on day 19! Definitely turned a corner on day 6 with the hangover. Smooth sailing until day 15 when my appetite completely went away. It's really still gone. I am making myself eat. However, my energy is sooo good and I am sleeping better than I have in YEARS. 12 more days feels like forever at this point, but I feel I owe it to myself to finish. I know I will feel so smug that I actually did the WHOLE 30 days. HA
  2. I am five days in and feel absolutely terrible. It all started around day 2. Mild headache, serious fatigue, upset stomach and terrible leg cramps-- only at night. I have upped my water to make sure it isn't dehydration. I am adding extra salt to my foods and just started some supplements today... magnesium, potassium, and a natural digestive aid. I have been 100% compliant, and am eating three meals and staying very full in between each one. Is the transition supposed to be this bad?