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  1. DAY 17 - 20 I thought I was getting my tiger blood over the weekend and maybe I had some for a brief time on Saturday. But I was just so over this whole thing on Sunday and Monday. I haven't felt like cooking. The meal planning and prep is getting to be a lot. I will keep going because I see the weight loss and I keep looking back on the reasons why I started in the first place. But these next few days are going to be tough. I am feeling very deprived of the foods I consider treats. I don't necessarily crave them. It is more so that I just want to be done with this program. During the re
  2. DAY 16 Today I feel rough. This is supposed to be when tiger blood starts but I do NOT feel that way at all. I have fairly steady energy and am managing my stress levels but I could also nap for several hours if given the opportunity. A girl can dream, right? I know that I am losing weight and I have had co-workers start to comment so that gives me encouragement to keep going. Last night those cravings were intense but I stayed strong. It seems to be getting harder, not easier. Tomorrow morning will be a run/walk so hopefully that re energizes me for the weekend.
  3. @MadyVanillaThank you for your encouragement. It is great to hear from other people going through this. It is way way too expensive to be cooking separate meals especially with prices increasing globally on groceries. We did sit down. He did agree to eat the same dinners. So dinners will be whole30 which is the most important because then I have leftovers for lunch. We have agreed on a set $ amount per week that will be his lunch money and what he does is up to him. It is so frustrating to me that he won't eat this way considering that a doctor just told him to avoid ALL sugar, flour and dairy
  4. DAY 7 - 12 I was feeling so good on the weekend, more energy, better sleep. However somehow on Sunday I was just not into cooking and meal prep as much as I was the week before. I did manage to meal plan and stay in budget with the grocery shopping until my husband got involved. He was supposed to be eating an anti inflammatory diet for his recovery from surgery which is part of what triggered us even doing whole30 in the first place. Well he had a gout attack which he suspects is from raisins. I think it is too much red meat and we need to cut back for now on that. But I will not w
  5. Day 7 Morning Last night was tough and good at the same time. I barely had any time to unwind. I am almost always in the kitchen now so I need to work on easier meals so I can actually spend time with my family. That being said, my sleep has drastically improved. I was up with my alarm in a good mood this morning. Last night however, the cravings were serious. I managed to get by with just some raisins and some almond butter on some chicken deli slices. It was pretty tasty as a snack! This morning breakfast was scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado on the side. And a few slices of
  6. DAY 6 MORNING: @SemiThank you for the tips. Last night I made my toddler an eggo waffle with butter and syrup thinking for sure he would eat that but nope. He is going through a picky eater phase which is making this entire thing so much harder. Dinner time is just meltdowns, battles and timeouts. So last night I just let it go because I realized if I am not finishing my dinner I will be grumpy and not cope very well with that whole situation. I did get him to eat some Greek yogurt later so I guess that's a win? I had really high hopes that he would see all this yummy healthy food
  7. DAY 5 UPDATE I got my weekend walk/runs in and it felt so good. I did feel lighter on sunday morning's run. Yesterday (day 4) I had a bit of headache but I just drank extra water. Saturday night we had the chicken tarragon from the whole 30 cookbook and that was relatively simple to make so it will stay around. Sunday night - I knew hubby would need some red meat to stay on track and although I try to limit it I decided to do the pot roast. It was so tasty. My toddler wouldn't eat it though so looks like I am still making him pasta and chicken nuggets most nights. I jus
  8. @Rebecca001 Thank you for the advice. I definitely don't eat enough protein. I try not to eat pork (for personal reasons) and I really limit red meat. However with other people in the house it is just easier to have a little sometimes. So with those 2 gone and nuts gone, fish is not always a viable option. And I cannot stand eating chicken and eggs 7 days a week. That was a big problem when I did a 7 day challenge like this in the past and I HATED it! I need to have a way to make whole food especially proteins enjoyable. I have also always been a mini meal or snacker type person. An
  9. Day 2 & 3 So far I feel less puffy if that makes any sense at all. I do think I see an improvement in my skin's texture. I went for a walk/run this morning and it felt so good. I woke up happiest and in a better mood and lets just say there are frequent bathroom visitas but not as much gas. I will leave that right there. I am very hungry a lot. So far no headache. I have done detox challenges in the past for up to 2 weeks so I know that I need to eat more than I normally do. I already miss cheese a lot and sugar in my coffee. And my son's snacks are so tempting when
  10. Help! I cant find my other log entries. This seems to be easier to use on desktop than Mobile. Do I just keep replying to this? I also cant seem to find where to sign in when I am on my Android phone. I actually dont know if I am signed in now. Can anyone help?
  11. Thank you @MadyVanilla. You are so sweet. I do like to cook but I have gotten away from it so one of the fun things for me is getting excited about cooking with whole ingredients again and trying new recipes. One of the problems I had was that I was stuck in a rut with meals so I think I was actually getting bored with the same thing or I would focus on what my son will actually eat (because toddler food tantrums are no fun) which is pasta, nuggets etc and then I sneak veggies in there. So by cooking to his preferences I would often skip out because I know that those foods aren't the best for
  12. Day 2 in progress. Not feeling great but doing ok so far.
  13. Ok so day 1 is done!! Breakfast was the mushroom, spinach and leek frittata from the cookbook. Banana as morning snack. Lunch was salad with hard boiled eggs. Afternoon snack of lettuce wraps with almond butter. Some raising as a late afternoon snack Dinner was sheet pan fajitas on broccoli ans cauliflower rice with avocado. And night snack of chia seed pudding and blueberries. I feel proud of myself. I had lower energy but my mood was very sable today. I am not sure what I have gotten myself into and am nervous about late night cravings. I cannot
  14. And so it begins tomorrow. I have about 30 lbs to lose. I used to be extremely active even running 10k races. And I believe that being that healthy helped me carry a difficult pregnancy and deliver a wonderful healthy 8 lb 3 oz baby boy. But that baby boy is now 2.5 years old and it is time to get serious about getting this excess weight off. I do not feel good about myself or the way I look. Being a busy working mom (I work 6 days per week) I fell into the trap of convenience and grabbing what I could when I could. I have often skipped meals, by working straight through lunch and then d