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  1. Looks like Plant-Based has just been introduced as an option, and Melissa Urban isn't doing it herself. She says for her, meat works. Well, I am off the Whole30 and Whole30-ish, but still not having gluten or legumes. Minimizing random carb-fests like rice, GF noodles, etc. Keeping the sweet potatoes rolling. Had an unfortunate encounter with my chocolate addiction! It's back. I'm not sure how to move forward -- I'm thinking I'll wing it for a couple months, then check back and do a real Whole30. Maybe if I did like 3 a year, it would help ground me???? Maybe I'll do one in Ma
  2. @Rikki - Do you do a full reintro every time? I figure I already know from previous Whole30s what foods trigger me. And I'm weirded out that Melissa Urban is now rolling out a plant-based Whole30 diet! I mean, if she was wrong about meat, what else was she wrong about???? Meanwhile, I'm eating plenty of meat, avocados, bananas dipped in cacao powder. I tried a couple corn chips and immediately felt sick. I think I'll just keep doing a Whole30-ish, meat-and-fat diet until our trip to Mexico in March... And I'll keep checking in here, if some of you decide to keep posting! It's ni
  3. I had a pretty darned good day! I have moved on to "Whole 30-ish". Today I went to my favorite brunch spot in a nearby town, sat outside in the cold Because Covid, and had Eggs Benedict -- but instead of bread or English muffin, I had them put it over spinach. So yummy! Went on a nice walk, maybe 2-3 miles, with a friend on the river nearby.
  4. @MizRik rikki, i'm with alie on the sushi -- sushi kind of has *everything* in it. sugar, definitely... often soy... the various fishes and seaweeds... it would make more sense, to me, to start with a plain bowl of rice, or rice with on-plan additions (such as ghee). try that a couple days in a row and see how it goes. though i sure love sushi and can see the appeal! @Aliem999 sounds like a doozy of an illness! i really hope things improve for you. @MaddMac glad you are also enjoying some non-alc goodness! i'm a pretty serious kombucha fiend, and years ago used to do "d
  5. @MizRik sounds good, waiting on the reintro! @MaddMac sounds like a good Day 31! @Aliem999i hope you get to feeling better. flu or Covid or unknown? I tried another nonalcoholic drink tonight, with some sugar. Either the sugar or the natural flavors are causing a weird sensation in my mouth and tongue. I sometimes have citrus/orange allergies, so I suspect that is the culprit. I was kind of hoping that had gone away. Oh well! Otherwise still on-plan. Felt the urge to go get a bagel and cream cheese. Didn't.
  6. So I celebrated the end of my Whole30 with a bottle of Aurora hemp - Lavender Orange flavor. It was delicious, and not particularly sweet, so that seemed allright. Resisted the urge to buy chocolate again today, even though officially I'm off my Whole30. Did make a pancake-like omelette, dusted with cinnamon and a *tiny* bit of maple syrup. Am I on the slippery slope to crummy eating???? I don't know.
  7. thanks alie! i did plunge a banana into the cocoa powder today, which took the edge off. getting my chocolate fix somehow or other!! i noticed that the Whole30's official January W30 happened to start on Day 1 of my period last month. and now here i am again. officially this is my last day of my Whole30. weirdly, the only thing i really want to eat off-plan is to try this drink Aurora Elixirs. they're a new client of mine, and i love so much about what they do, how they source their ingredients, etc. — but i haven't been able to try their product yet, because there's a small amount of
  8. rikki, maybe it's SMART BODY trying to tell you All the Things! (coconut faux-ice-cream might be a good compromise?) i just realized tomorrow is Day 31! now i have to decide. i also got my period last night. it happened just about exactly at the moment of the New Moon (in Aquarius, for those who care, and conjunct Saturn / square-ish Uranus), which is also lunar Imbolc this month. very woo woo!
  9. I almost blew it today -- I wanted a chocolate bar, and was wandering around in our small town, feeling hungry (or was it just PMS?). But I thought, jeeeeez, I only have to make it to February 3. On the fence about whether to extend the Whole30. I might make it a Whole45 or Whole60. Or I might cheat a tiny bit here and there, go back to "Whole30-ish mostly-paleo" eating, which I did for a few years. I ended up getting gout, and I do have high cholesterol -- but in every other way I felt much better (I have chronic illness issues). So yeah. I don't know what I'm doing! Argh. Mainly PM
  10. @Rebecca001, my Whole30 has been similar -- i just haven't been paying much attention to portions and timing of meals. it doesn't feel great to do it this way, but it's basically a lot better than nothing, and i'm not eating anything off-plan. i plan to extend this into a Whole45 or Whole60, and try to reduce portions and change timing. I agree with @christine19 -- this is a messed-up time in history and society to be harshing on ourselves. it is a good time to take things with a little ease and self-forgiveness.
  11. what is an NSV? i have lost a bit of weight. my mood is cranky AF, pretty much Ms Crankypants from pre-ovulation all the way through to what is now PMS. but i do have this feeling of like, that there's a layer of puffiness that has disappeared. i am having allergy symptoms but imagine it would be much worse if i weren't on a W30 (snow mold allergy).
  12. well, i think i smooshed it up in our mini-Cuisinart chopper thing, then mixed with olive oil. some i made into proper pestos. for freezing, some i put in ice cube trays. others i put into little sauce containers from takeout food (i try to reuse everything). seems to have worked pretty well!
  13. @Roelien What a bummer about your injury! Aiiyyee. Hope you heal nicely and have access to good foods. The XX book I mentioned was published March 10, 2020. Of course, I doubt the research shows whether people were eating conventionally raised meat and dairy products (for saturated fats) versus grassfed, pastured, and/or organic. Still -- it is scary. During my 2-3 years of mostly paleo, Whole30-ish eating, my cholesterol levels stayed bad and actually got a little bit worse. I also developed gout a couple times, which was horribly painful. So I know this stuff isn't all roses a
  14. @MaddMac We did fish tonight, too. I layered up rockfish with green cabbage leaves, blanched carrots, ginger, lemongrass, lime leaf, chili flakes, and probably other stuff I'm forgetting... steamed it. Usually I do a mirin-soy-sauce recipe, oh and kombu as well (wish I had remembered kombu!!) but can't have that stuff on Whole30. Oh yeah - also basil from the freezer. We got tons of it free from a local farm at the end of the summer. And tomato slices on top. Everything steamed together, then scallions on top of that.
  15. oh! also: i am readig a book called "The XX Brain: The Groundbreaking Science Empowering Women to Maximize Cognitive Health and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease Hardcover" by Lisa Mosconi PhD. and the conclusions are anti-Whole30, opposite-of-paleo, in many ways. animal fat bad. whole grains okay. it's stressing me out. my mom has early stage dementia, and i have hormonal issues. Whole30 and "Whole30-ish" and paleo eating make me feel better and lose weight... but if they're going to give me Alzheimer's and/or a heart attack, is it worth it?? i wish the science were more accurate and cons