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  1. I'm making a giant frittata with kale, leeks, and olives in hopes of beating the morning rush + hunger problem. It's not amazing without all the cream and cheese that normally goes into a frittata, but it is fast, easily reheated, and very satisfying. Also, I made a massive pot of chicken soup with tons of veggies. Makes for a great lunch! Roasted sweet potatoes are sooo good! Berber spice is a great idea - that's what's in a lot of Eritrean food, right? If so, that stuff is delicious, though I don't know where to get it around here.
  2. hey folks, I started a whole30 on the 1st. Haven't done one in years! Food has gone off the rails and weight gone higher than ever before . That said, I do have a bit of an excuse - I gave birth to my first on May 21. She's wonderful and healthy and makes me want to do better with my diet. Anyone else breastfeeding while on whole30? It's only day 3, but I haven't stopped eating. I feel insatiable! Hope this passes or I'm going to eat us out of house and home. Happy new years to you all! excited to have some community around this challenging endeavor.