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  1. I binged on a box of compliant crackers and fruit & veggie strips. Do I need to start over?
  2. Is the 10 day reintroduction phase necessary after doing a W3, W7, or W10? Also, if one completes a W30 but skips reintro, is it alright to do a W15 and then do the 10 day reintroduction phase? Or should a W30 be done and then the reintro?
  3. Would it be okay to drink banana tea an hour before bed?
  4. I'm starting tomorrow! I've been trying to do a 2nd round for a while now (plus reintroduction, which I skipped on my first round). Here's some recipes I made and/or plan to make soon, if you'd like to check them out:
  5. Yes, I did plan to use it as a side! I love sweet potatoes, but if I don't shake up the preparation methods then I get kinda bored with them.
  6. Would this recipe be okay to make?
  7. Also, do you have any other health-boosting supplements? I kinda splurged on baked goods and I would like to eat extra good stuff during my W30. (I will be eating lacto-fermented carrots for their probiotic properties.)
  8. Also, would I just use it as a supplement, or as the protein source for my meal? Thanks in advance!
  9. I want to incorporate the collagen powder into my diet; any ideas as to how?
  10. I really want to start my 2nd round of W30 tomorrow, because I've been trying to start for awhile, but I keep sabotaging myself :/. Tomorrow, though, I hope to see Day 1 through to the end
  11. I do think that I had a bad reaction to the oats (itchy, tingly, hot throat; sneezing-LOTS of sneezing-; and feeling super bloated ), so I'm starting my second W30 today and I will reintroduce them as outlined in the program. (Because I also had peanut butter and some dark chocolate at the same time I'm not sure which food caused which reaction)
  12. After finishing my first Whole30 in January, I decided to continue avoiding gluten and dairy for an additional 60 days(I read somewhere that it takes 90 days for your liver to completely get rid of those 2 foods). However, I ate non-certified gluten free oats. Do I need to start my 90 days over?