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  1. Thank you. Yes, I decided not to participate in the race. I also miss the electrolytes too and already have a difficult time hydrating enough as my absorption isn‘t great from the start which is one of the reasons for the doctor-ordered Whole30 diet. Glad I decided not to do it. Still don‘t feel any Tiger Blood anything yet and still extremely tired, fighting a headache today and a wrecked stomach to the point where I cannot eat lunch so I would have had a terrible time during race recovery. Thanks for your input. Still patiently waiting for that Tiger Blood.
  2. There is a 4 hour charity mtb race I’d like to do tomorrow. I’m on day 13 of Whole30 as ordered by my immunologist for gut issues I’ve had along with other mild dysautonomia symptoms I’ve struggled with for years. I thought I ate fairly healthily, but noticed too much added sugar (love sugar in my tea for example) when I started this diet. I honestly feel worse on Whole30 so far and struggle a little more than others including my husband who is in solidarity with me because I have fructose malabsorption (can only eat berries for the most part for many years due to low glycemic index) and canno